Analogue Pocket, la Rolls

Even without necessarily monitoring the news of the retrogaming, you have probably heard about the Pocket Analogue – or rather the difficulty of getting it, and the almost mystical aura surrounding this machine. It must also be said that the sixth similar console, quoted recently among the six most innovative electronics companies by Fast Company alongside Back Market, brand both a turning point for this young manufacturer with the launch of the analogue. OS, but also a culmination for its designer Kevin “Kevtris” Horton, one of the sums of the FPGA technology as part of the emulation. Before disseminating the beast, we will therefore have to make a small reminder of the facts.

Analogue Pocket - Screen lens not properly glued !!

Founded in 2011 by Christopher Taber, the analogous society quickly announced the color with its first “creation”, a core neoo-MVS¹ in rare and exotic wood at 650 dollars, then the NT, a clone of nes to the dress aluminum D Aerospace for $ 499. In other words, machines that were more addicted to Hipsters nostalgics than at retrogamers, often indebted by their collection. What’s more in the case of two nude sold machines, without a joystick, to which it was necessary to add fifty dollars to the second to benefit from a _upscalate to connect the console to an HD screen. But it is to realize the company that the company turned to Kevin Horton, an engineer already well known in the medium of retrogaming, since he developed in 1996 the very first game _homebrew of the Colecovision (a clone of Tetris who will provide his nickname, “Kevtris”).