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How to defeat the boss of garbers in the tunic

In Tunic, you will explore the world and come across a lot of dangerous enemies. Although these ordinary enemies are able to kill you, there are fights with bosses that can be more complex and deadly. One of them includes boss of garbers.

How to defeat the boss of garbered in the tunic

The boss trashman is extremely complicated. It uses sporadic attacks and quickly moves along the battlefield, and also attacks, combining near and long-range attacks. This is how to defeat the boss of garbered in the tunic.

The boss-garbage has three far-fighting attacks. The first is a wide attack from its gun. You can also hide behind the shelter or protect it . The boss will also throw grenades in you with a semi-edge explosion radius, so escape from them . Finally, the boss trashman jump into your direction and send a shock wave. That bright white part may damage you, so dodge from it when it is approaching.

There are also a few melee attacks from the boss-garrower, which are worried about. The boss can rush to you with a swing. You can protect this attack, but Evasion more consistently avoiding hitting. If you close the boss-garbage can attack you two short attacks in a row from which you can dodge or protect yourself. Finally, it will be to hit you and knock off but do not apply damage if you are close.

Tips for boss-garbagers in the tunic

The main problem from the boss -prussel is how sporadic it can be. We used a combination of magic dagger, ice bombs and fiery bombs To apply a consistent damage and give yourself a time to treat. Freezing boss-garbagers, you can recover, restore your magic or to carry out free attacks.

Zelda BOTW Champion's Tunic Show Enemy HP

Fire bombs are perfectly suitable for damage over time and can quickly exhaust the health of the boss-garbagers. You can also use Magic ORB to stun the boss and, perhaps, temporarily interrupt his attacks. Try to stay on the middle distance and next to the shelter to defeat the boss tracing in the tunic.

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