From the quarantine to the mega program: Loks Re

If Lokzig from 14.05 Lok Leipzig receives the FC Eilenburg, the last game of the currently ranked three standing 1st FC locomotive is almost a month ago: On February 23, 2022, the Saxons Torlos separated from Tennis Borussia in Berlin.

Generalprobe für Lok Leipzig: Chancen ohne Ende und Torwart-Show

Already at that time, Leipzig had missed three players because of an infection with the coronavirus, then there was an outbreak of infections. Other actors started so that the games at the Berlin AK, against the VSG Altglienicke, had to be canceled against Chemnitzer FC and Energy Cottbus. By all means – among other things with a training stop – the 1st FC Lok tried to break the infection chain.

First with little success. When reading the training, coach Almedin Civa was only seven actors – five field players and two goalkeepers.

Games about games

Meanwhile, the ranks after freeds and medical checks have been filled again so far that participation can be included in the game mode. Through the forced break, the Leipzig of Rank two slipped in third slipped, the distance to leader BFC Dynamo has grown to twelve points. However, the Berliners have already completed four games.

Speaking of Games: After the re-start against Eilenburg it is then for the Leipzig through the rearrangements of stick thickness. In March, two games on Wednesday are to be denied, April holds the same seven occurrence within four weeks of parate – and all with the prospect of being able to unlock with all catching games on leaders BFC Dynamo.