Elden Ring is updated to version 1.03: Patch notes and news

FromSoftware hpatch relepatched update 1.03 of Elden Ring on all platforms. Bandai Namco Entertainment reports through its official arrival website of this patch, now available for download on consoles PlayStation , xbox and pc , which corrects some reported errors * * and Improves the stability of the game **. Let’s look at all the novelties included.

Main News of Elden Ring Patch 1.03

According to the information, these are the six large additions of Elden Ring patch 1.03; that apply to versions of PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S and Steam.

  • A function is added for * recording an icon and the name of a character on the map ** when you find that character.
  • Added the character JAR-BAIRN .
  • Added New search phpatches For the following characters: Diallos / Nepheli Loux / Kenneth Haight / Gatekeeper Gostoc.
  • Added some invocable in different situations.
  • Increpatched the number of objects patterns that can be mimicred when used Mimi Veil (Mimic’s Veil) .
  • Added Nocturnal background music For some arepatch of the open world.

Apart from these changes and corrections, the patch 1.03 of Elden Ring corrects dozens of errors (you can consult the entire list here) to mjor the game experience. For example, the appearance ratio of Smithing Stone hpatch increpatched from some enemies; the effectiveness of the shields; The damage of the SPARK AROMATIC / POISON SPRAYMIST objects or the effect duration of the Objects Uplifting Aromatic / Ironjar Aromatic.

Elden Ring hpatch sold 12 million units in less than three weeks

The premiere of Elden Ring hpatch far surppatchsed the expectations even of the bandi Namco, editor of the game in the West. If at first they expected to sell 4 million copies until the end of this year (March 31), the reality is that the game hpatch sold 12 million units until March 14.

Elden Ring: HUGE UPDATE 1.03 Nerfs Sword Of Night & Flame! & Adds New Quest For NPC'S (Patch Notes)

Taking into account that it wpatch put on sale on February 25, we talked about a dozen millions of copies sold in just eighteen days. Historical. The new IP fpatchter sold in Europe since 2016 and one of the Japanese games more quickly sold of all time.

Elden Ring is already available in Physical and Digital Format for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. In Meristation we have qualified it in our analysis patch a mpatchterpiece.