Com2us, Hana Financial Group and Metabus Business Cooperation

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee) said, with a subsidiary of the affiliate Weekwick Studio (Representative Park, Park, Park, Park, Park, Park, Park, Park, Park, Park), and said it was concluded MAW (MOU), MAU, a metabus business cooperation with Kim Jong-tae (formerly President Kim Jung Tae).

Cooperative Bank CEO feted

In Korea, COMPUSION CEO, CEO, CEO of Com2us, CEO of Com2S Group, CEO of Com2S, CEO of CEO of Com2S, Com2Verse promised partnership for mutual cooperation of business

The Comforto is a “commercial world”, which is a virtual office space, ‘Office World’, which is a virtual office space, which is a virtual office space, ∙ Music, films, and performances, etc., ‘Theme Park World’ enjoying leisure, and are composed of ‘community world’, which is a place of daily communication and sharing of users.

Com2us groups and Hana Financial Groups combine the financial services of Hana Financial Group through this Convention, and co-promote related technologies and content development for this.

To this end, we plan to build a virtual office, a business space of a Hana Financial Group Employees, and provide a new finite suitable for a commercial world, and provide a new pin te suitable for the metabus era. It is also planning to create metabus financial ecosystems through collaboration with companies in many industries, including shopping, medical finance, and entertainment participating in the Comfortus.

“As a” developing digital technology, the development of digital technology, “the essentials of online and offline are coming,” said, “” Han, ” I look forward to expanding the area of ​​the area. “

Com2us Group Song Byeong Joon Chairman said, “As a result of the Convention on the Metabus Ecosystem as a Convention with the Korea Representative Financial Company, the Korean Representative Financial Company,” said Financial Services capabilities, which could be the core of the metaverse ecosystem, “said the Financial Services capability of the metaverse ecosystem.” As a result, it is expected that the high synergy is expected in that it is possible to construct a variety of organic connections in various business areas. “