Alois Schwartz: “Already shown that we can score”

Rich six games – so long is the last defeat of the SV Sandhausen in the 2nd league. The youngest 3: 1 against Hannover 96 represented the third victory. Why coach Schwartz is “proud”. The coach also wants to stay after the duel on Friday at Rise Chandidate SV Darmstadt 98 (18.30, live! At Sandhausen). Schwartz showed themselves in front of the meeting with the strongest offensive with 52 goals in the German underhouse.

Avrum Mordche Schwartz • Shira • Avrumi Berko • GW Lighting | קומזיץ

It also did not seem to interfere with that the lilies with 32 goals collected the second most of the league. Schwartz, instead, mated courageously on the press news: “We have already shown against teams who are upside down, that we can score as well.” In fact, for example, for example, against Heidenheim or HSV Remis were recently been retracted.

Clause prevents use of former Darmstadt Berko

In Darmstadt, Meanwhile, the 54-year-old coach must do without attacker Erich Berko, which was only changed from the opponent to the Hardtwald at the end of January. As Schwartz explained, there is an agreement in the contract, which is a commitment of Berkos in direct duel. Whether the now Tables-14. From Sandhausen to the most recent series (3/3/0) and 29 points will disturb, remains questionable. In any case, Berko acted as a Joker – and now ten counters lead to the direct relegation places are likely to inspire SVS.

We have to open your eyes, we are not sure yet.

Alois Schwartz

Although Sandhausen had to swallow six goals throughout the second half – the best value of the 2nd league during this period – warns the coach Schwartz with his handwriting. There are still nine games to play, on the descent regulation rank consists of only a three-point lead. “We have to open your eyes, we are not sure yet,” warned Schwartz. The SVS can also quickly slip down again. Positively, it is true that the team has shown in no time, “what it can and how much mentality is in it. We are on a good way, of which we can not let us dissuade.”