Russia exclusion: Sweden fears competitive advantage for Poland

The Swedish football national team fears an advantage for Poland in the fight for the last World Cup tickets because of the exclusion of Russia.

“The most sensible and fairest would have been on athletic level when Poland had a new opponent in the semi-finals,” said the Swedish Association Secretary-General Hakan Sjöstrand.

Poland for Superstar Robert Lewandowski fenced directly into the last playoff round in Europe after the World Association FIFA excluded the intended kick-off opponent Russia due to the war in Ukraine.

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In his last duel for a starting place at the Winter World Cup in Qatar (21 November to 18 December), Poland meets the winner of Sweden against the Czech Republic on 29 March, which takes place five days before.

“We understand that it is a difficult situation for FIFA. But nevertheless, the principle should be considered that under the same conditions is played,” said Sjöstrand: “In other words, two mandatory games to reach the final round of the World Cup.”