Toyo Batroa “NARAKA: BladePoint” New season “Song” arrival. New warrior “Liquor” and hallmode mode implemented

24 Entertainment develops and NetEase Games is serviced Action Action Games “ NARAKA: BladePoint “. The same work implements the new warrior’s “Active” and the new mode “hall mode” at the new season “Song” starting from March 12th. This work with a total of 6 million sales of the total world with a total number of total sales in three months since it was released in August last year. We will introduce new elements that blow new winds to the battle.

New warrior, allegal cold is the use of ice. He can activate the “ice cream” “Hinimeto”, “Ice, and the moment” that can compete for all physical attacks for a certain period of time by wearing ice. Furthermore, by using “ice cold sprouting” and “ice cold scouting and snow storm” as his mystery, “ice core” which is the skill of defense changes to “Fishing sword”. Changed skills have an aggressive performance and have the effect of freezing the opponent attacked while rushing forward and raising its own attack power each time it is attacked. Freezing is a powerful abnormality that can be stopped in situ for 2 seconds, and it can be said to be a character that carries out the battle by using it. As a supplement, the enemy in the attack by rigid or weave and mystery is the point you want to remember if it can not be freezed.

In addition, it is a voice actor Ishikawa who plays a character such as “NIER: AUTOMATA” 2B. How do you play a recurrent cold cold with a spiritualist, formerly a perfectionist, formerly an unparallelized imperial princess? And she does not like her fighting she will make this battle for this battle? She also wants to pay attention to the connection with existing characters including a red night in the past.

The new mode of hallmode is a camp-to-fight battle that players know three camps. First of all, the player is randomly distributed to the three camps “Fujiti” “Fujii” “Warrior”. However, Fujiki and Fumi Fuji are the same side’s companions, and actually fight the warrior side and the Allied forces of Fujio and Hakuto Demon. The warrior camp collects fire in time and turns three peak fires and win. Meanwhile, Fujiti and Fujika’s Allied Forces will beat all the players of the warrior camp, or will win if you can block the lighting to the end.

As a new mode of maximum characteristic, I would like to explain the special role of the player of Hakoba. They can hide the identity and impersonate the warrior camp. In addition, the warriors and Fujiti can talk with the players who belong to each side, but Hakuto Hakuto is a specification that can listen to both conversations. Of course, the player of Katsuya can deliver a voice at the same time against other camps, and it can be said to be a so-called camp.

Warriors’ s camps are required to fight without being fooled by Fujiti and Fujiki Demon Allied forces, while exploring the presence of the traitor in the fellow. However, it will be possible to say that the situation where the Finishi is mixed up, and conversely, it will be able to flush the lie information to confuse the Allied forces. The hallmark mode is a mode that can be enjoyed not only in the conventional refreshing action play but also brain war and psychotropic match.

In addition, new treasure chests will appear in line with the new season. Content such as a sword skin “霊 の 刃” with a motif of the tail of the wolf is available. I would like to make sure that you can get the content available while touching the new element. Please check the official Twitter for the latest information.

“NARAKA: BladePoint” is being delivered at a PC (Steam / Epic Games Store).