NBA News – Patrick Beverley about feud with Russell Westbrook: “Has my career damaged”

Patrick Beverley and Russell Westbrook has been a rivalry for years, starting that today’s Timberwolves Guard Westbrook 2013 foul and injured in a reckless action. In a podcast Beverley has now talked about the feud.

“He damaged my career,” Beverley said in the podcast “The Old Man and the Three” with J.J. Redick in relation to a statement that Westbrook performed on him about him – at that time, the former MVP said, Beverley Make something to all, race only around and play no defense.

“Coaches, players, fans, they all saw me differently afterwards. They thought, ‘If you know what, he does not play defense, he just screams and runs around’, and they still have to do that. Some people still do that,” Explained Beverley, who is known for his defense and has been chosen three times in the all-defensive team.

The 33-year-old did not answer at the time at Westbrook’s statements, but this has now made a few weeks ago when he looked at Westbrook’s problems in this season. “I still remember how someone said that I’m just racing around and the people tricked. Well, my boy is the true magician this year,” Beverley wrote at Twitter.

“I call the perfect timing,” Beverley said. “I had a bad game at that time, the people thought, ‘Oh, Russ right. I knew it, this motherf *** he only runs through the area.’ That’s not fun anymore, now the rabbit has the rake. “

Patrick Beverley says Russ damaged his career ????
Both Beverleys Timberwolves and Westbrooks Lakers are currently in the race for the play-in places. It could be good that the rivalry will find a continuation in a few weeks.

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