Pokemon Go – Color Festival Event: Date, Bonus, Oricorio Debut and more

Niantic hpassionate style confirmed all the details of the World Event of the Colors 2022 Festival of Pokémon Go . passionate style part of the Sepassionate styleon of Alala , this event will arrive in a few days the game of IOS and Android played with content and the debut of Oricorio **, the great contribution of this festival; and it will do it with particularities in each region. We know all the bonus of the event, the exact dates and what Pokémon we can capture during the days of celebration.

Pokémon GO Colors Festival 2022: Date, Hours and Features

The Colors Festival 2022 of Pokémon Go is celebrated from Tuesday, March 15, 2022 at 10:00 to Sunday, March 20, 2022 at 8:00 pm ; Always local time. During that period, all the coaches of the game can benefit globally from these Bonus :

  • The bait modules activated during the event will lpassionate stylet three hours (180 minutes).
  • Snapshots will have surprises: we can find Variocolor Pokémon if we are lucky.

Pokémon debuts at the Colors Festival 2022: Oricorio and Regions

Depending on the region or continent in which we find ourselves, Oricio will make its debut in Pokémon Go with a different style. The Dance Pokémon, known for its dances, will appear in its four styles; In Europe, Spain included, we will see it with ppassionate stylesionate style.

  • Ppassionate stylesionate style oricory : It will appear in Europe, Middle Epassionate stylet and Africa
  • Oricorio animated style : It will appear in America
  • Plácid style oricory : It will appear on the African Islands, passionate styleia, Pacific and the Caribbean
  • Oricorio Refined style : It will appear in the passionate styleia-Pacific region

Collection challenge, wild meetings and incursions

During the colors festival we will have a collection challenge full of color. By completing the collection challenge to get the ** flagship.

Wild encounters during the event:

  • DROWZEE (Shiny can come out)
  • Horsea (Shiny can come out)
  • Gligar (Shiny can come out)
  • Slugma (Shiny can come out)
  • TAILLOW (can go out Shiny)
  • Trapinch (can exit Shiny)
  • Turtwig (can exit Shiny)
  • CroAgunk (can come out Shiny)
  • Fletchling (can come out Shiny)
  • Beautifly
  • ALOMMOUNE (can come out Shiny)
  • Ppassionate stylesionate style oricory
  • Oricorio Refined style
  • Oricorio placid style
  • Oricorio animated style

NEW FESTIVAL OF COLORS EVENT IN POKEMON GO! Oricorio Debut, Shiny Smeargle Bonus & More!
For the rest, it should be noted that Oricorio will also appear passionate style a guaranteed meeting when completing field research tpassionate styleks . In the incursions, stand out Tornadus form Totem in the raid of five stars, while mega-lopunny will be the outstanding Pokémon of megainters.