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The warehouses of the dealers will soon be filled with televisions from the new model series 2022. If you want to buy a TV, you can therefore save a lot of money through the current sell-off at a TV from 2021. Up to 57 percent below the EIA are offered the smart TVs such as LG OLED or Nanocell TVs with 4K UHD from 2021 in the SALE at Saturn. All who want to buy a good TV for a reasonable price should now strike. For, many of the LG televisions that are currently in the sale come back, but make room for the new, initially significantly more expensive TV sets.

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  1. What is better, nanocell or OLED?

  2. Which TVs are there dramatically cheaper in SALE at Saturn?

3. What distinguishes a LG OLED TV?

  1. What makes LG NanoCell TV so special?

What is better, nanocell or OLED?

Both TV devices with OLED as well as with Nanocell technology are lifted from conventional LCD TVs. For LG televisions with Nanocell, as they are currently at Saturn in the sale, absorb particles with a diameter of around a nanometer excess optical wavelength, thereby preventing a mixing of the individual colors. This improves color reproduction as well as color stability. LG OLED, on the other hand, uses self-luminous pixels that can be completely switched off when needed. This achieves a perfect black and a particularly high contrast and an excellent color brilliance. Sophisticated gamers and film and series fans who want to buy a smart TV with 4K UHD, therefore often access an OLED TV from LG. However, OLED TVs are priced through Nanocell televisions, which are a good compromise from excellent image quality and a favorable price.

Which TVs are there dramatically cheaper in the sale at Saturn?

Who wants to buy a particularly large TV in the Saturn Sale, should look at the offer for the LG OLED 77A19LA. The OLED television from 2021 has a screen diagonal of 77 inches, which corresponds to impressive 195cm. If you had to place for the OLED TV initially still proud 4,699 euros on the table, the smart TV is currently on sale for only 1.999 Euro – a price slide by 57 percent to the EIA. If you prefer to buy 55 inches and 65 inches a 4K UHD TV in the most popular sizes, you will find similar discount offers from LG Nanocell TVs. The 55-inch TV LG Nanocell 55NANO866PA has a refresh rate of 120Hz, so the maximum frame rate of PS5 and Xbox Series X can also be sufficient. With a price of only 699 euros, the LG TV is available 46% cheaper and free shipping at Saturn. The 65-inch TV LG 65NANO869PA also has 120Hz. The smart TV can be ordered for only 899 euros, also free shipping.

The top offers of the LG TV SALE at Saturn

  • LG OLED 77A19LA 77 inch TV for 1,999 Euro ~~ (4,699 €) ~~
  • LG Nanocell 65NANO969PA 65 inch TV for 899 Euro ~~ (1.599 €) ~~
  • LG Nanocell 55NANO866PA 55 inch TV for 699 Euro ~~ (1,299 €) ~~
  • LG Nanocell 50Nano869PA 50 inch TV for 599 Euro ~~ (999 €) ~~
  • Lg nanocell 43nano779Pa 43 inch TV for 399 euros ~~ (649 €) ~~
  • LG LCD 75UP78009LB 75 inch TV for 799 Euro ~~ (1.649 €) ~~
  • LG LCD 50UP78009LB 50 inch TV for 429 Euro ~~ (699 €) ~~
  • LG LCD 43UP78009LB 43 inch TV for 349 Euro (589 €)
  • LG TV from Saturn Sale in the overview

LG OLED 77 inches at Saturn for 1,999 euros

What distinguishes a LG OLED TV?

An LG OLED TV with 77 inches from 2021 is currently 57 percent cheaper at Saturn to buy. OLED stands for a brilliant image quality with perfect black and high contrasts. As a result, as well as the slim design and fast reaction times, LG OLED is equally popular with game fittings, movie friends and series junkies and is one of the most desirable televisions with 4K UHD. The Smart TV 77-inch TV LG OLED77A19LA is currently available at Saturn in the SALE for only 1,999 euros.

What makes LG NanoCell TV so special?

Several of the action televisions in the Saturn Sale feature a high-quality Nanocell IPS LED panel with 4K UHD image resolution as well as Local Dimming for pure colors and wide viewing angles. Nanocell is the second best display technique at LG after OLED. Several Nanocell TVs from 2021 are currently dramatically buyer in the Saturn Sale

LG Nanocell TV at Saturn in the SALE

Only as long as stocks last, the LG TV Sale at Saturn says. Smart TVs from 2021 such as LG OLED and Nanocell are currently still up to 57 percent cheaper to buy. But, as with every clearance, the quantities are naturally limited and whether goods are replenished from 2021, is unclear.

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