Nightmare surrounded by Macho 3 people in “Elden Ring”. The intruder who tries to PVP in multiplayer, but conversely naked men

A play landscape that indicates the wide “play width” of “Elden Ring” has attracted attention on overseas bulletin boards. Some of the players in this work seem to have those who practice how to enjoy this work that is not only capture and match. Note that this paper contains information that can be a spoiler, such as the appearance of the equipment.

“Elden Ring” is a new action RPG that the From Software worked. In the large narrow area, which is the stage of this work, various threats, such as dangerous dungeons and powerful bosses, are waiting for the player “fader”. However, it is also possible to work together with friends in such difficulties. This work supports up to three cooperative plays (including hosts and up to four people) including hosts, and in addition to fighting with a stranger, it is possible to cooperate with acquaintances and friends using a secret word is. However, during a plurality of people, it is a system that has a risk of being invaded to the hostile player.

In this work, the players who will give you a multiplayer will appear immediately, and the way you enjoy it. Some people who are compatible with a powerful boss and someone who wants a dangerous area direction guidance. There are also many people who find attractions in the battle between players. On the other hand, players who enjoy this work are also emerging with how to play against match and capture.

For example, the other day the video post with a three-way and one intruder at the “Elden Ring” community / R / eldenring of the overseas bulletin board Reddit has attracted the attention of the players. The contributor tried to start the first entry of other players as intruders. However, the contributor has not been expected to face the enemy that has completely deviated with a regular thereabout. Three people, almost naked, tight muscle meat man. Moreover, it is not just naked. It is seen as a “hunting dog knight” characteristic of the beak-like parts with three people in mind. It is a tracker of a tracker who carries the prey up to everywhere. It is a three-person thousands where the color of the skin is also a variety of diversity.

At this point, although I do not feel like I can win, my hair quality trio gives more pressure on the poster. They shut up slowly and slowly on their contributors. It is a scenic scene than being scolded and scolded. And they steadily surrounded the poster and created a tertiary surrounding network. There is no flee anymore. When the contributor was smoked to despair, Trio created a perfect golden triangle at the gesture “inner law”. Swords and magic, no HP interaction. However, there is no doubt that the contributor was not physically and mentally. This nightmare like a nightmare also calls the echo from the community, and the article writing now counts about 49,000UPVOTE (high evaluation). The fun way of “Elden Ring” would have drawn the fans.

And, immediately after that, one of the muscle quality trio is uploaded to the bulletin board and uploaded the videos of their side. In this video, Trio can actually be fun to use violence. Although not naked is as it is, the arm is equipped with a rough fist type weapon. At the time of three hounds, I attacked Godorick soldiers on the field. From the sense of partnership, it seems that there is a fun of cooperative play. In addition, I want to pay attention to the hypogamal and my muscle trio that is originally invaded. Here is a body shape, etc., and it seems to be a separate person from the previous 1. “Elder lining”, “Elden Ring”‘s freedom, saying, “Elden Ring”‘s freedom, saying, “Elden Ring”‘s freedom, saying, “Elden Ring”‘s freedom, saying, “Elden Ring”, “Elden Ring”, says, “Elden Ring”‘s freedom, saying, “Wrap yourself with your friends,”, “Elden Ring”‘s freedom. Alternatively, it may have been mentally to be mentally.

Muscle quality trio play may also symbolize the degree of freedom of this work. The culture that makes it strange and playing with multiplayer as it is, was also present in the “Dark Seoul” series and “Bloodborne” which are flow-backweight. Naked naked has also been a lot of popularity, and there were players who appeared in the game cosplay in the NPC and the reproduction of characters outside the game. On SNS, etc., you can also see the figure of a user who will promote cospology of manga and animation characters at “Elden Ring”. Also in this work, it can be said that the way to enjoy the richness of character makeup and costumes is alive.

A brief explanation of Elden Ring's multiplayer and PVP

As the attractiveness of “Elden Ring”, the difficulty of standing and the awareness of the breakthrough and the fun of the search tend to be attracting attention. However, the width of the play of this work is not only. When I’m tired of the journey between narrow areas, it would be good to look for fashion almost naked together with my friends.