Is the fallen discord? Here you explain how to verify the state of the server

Discord is among the most popular communication applications in the world, especially among players. However, like anything else, it will fall from time to time. Discord is falling now? Let’s review the process to know the fastest and easiest way to check the server status **. In that way, regardless of what is happening, you should be able to see if the problem is only you or something more widespread.

How to verify if DISCORD is inactive and server status

The best and fastest way to see if Discord is fallen is to visit the official Discord state page. Even if the application and the site are inactive, the status page will be updated frequently to keep users updated on what is happening.

If something goes wrong, for example, if you visited this page on March 8, 2022, you will see some messages like this:

You can re-consult whenever you want to see what is the last update. If that is too much to remember, you can also follow discord on Twitter, and the team will also inform you there, just maybe not as fast as the server status page would.

If you want to enter the core of the matter, the Discord server status page will also provide you with some more specific details about which part of the application is inactive exactly, for example, the API and its historical time of activity and inactivity.

If everything seems normal at the end of Discord according to the server status page, you may want to consider checking your own Internet connection, since that is the second most likely reason why you can not access the application.

That’s all you need to know about if Discord is dropped at this time . We will update this page every time there is an important interruption, but meanwhile, consider following Discord on Twitter and dial that server status page.

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