Monster hunter rise

Information program to publish new information of “Monster Hunter Chanterization: Sambrae” will be delivered March 15

Capcom announced that the information program “Monster Hunter Chanterization: Sunbreak Special Program 2022.3.15″ delivers the latest information on “Monster Hunterrise: Sunbrae” on March 8th. The broadcast time is 20 minutes.

“Monster Hunter Lise: Sunbrae” is the ultra-large extension content of the Hunting Action Series latest work “Monster Hunter: Rise”. A large number of elements that can be enjoyed “monster hunter rising”, such as the story, monsters, actions, and new quest rank, including the story at new bases appear.

It is last December that the information about the same work was released. A picture is released, and a new monster Lunagalon and a woman who is similar to Rondine, which is a trading lady. It was an suggestive content while the video of a short time. The next information publication was spring 2022, but new information will pop out in this broadcast.

As the information to be revealed, it is planned to be a new story, a new story, an unparalleled monster, a field, and a new base “Elgad” or a character full-flipped character. The broadcast time is 20 minutes. It is said that information is delivered by Narration of Mr. Suwabe. Let’s look forward to 23:00 on March 15.