Halo Infinite: Exklusive Actionfiguren

EVERY New Halo Infinite Statue & Figure Revealed
Halo fans can now secure again the exclusive action figure series “Jazzares” for 29.95 euros in the Gear Shop. Anyone who has already pre-ordered the figures may look forward to the early delivery. The codes are even shipped today. > Microsoft announces: “We are pleased that our XGS exclusive Halo Infinite Action Figures 2-packs are now in stock and delivered to customers! Anyone who kindly pre-ordered one of these packs will soon receive his Master Chief and The Pilot figures. You will also receive your Halo Infinite in-Game Item Code! The codes for our pre-orderers will be sent on March 4th and for all other orders, customers can expect the codes to be sent shortly after shipping their product. ” The pilot and the Master Chief from Halo Infinite get you here: * Halo Infinite The Pilot and Master Chief Action Figure 2-Pack – 29,95