Chick Kazmaier surprised with silver in biathlon

While the second place of flag carrier and skier Anna-Lena Forster was expected in the departure, the only 15-year-old Linn Kazmaier and Marco Maier surprised the biathlon competition with a podium rank. Leonie Walter Rounded the result with third place behind the youngest German participant. “I am more than satisfied, very clear,” ski-Nordisch-National coach Ralf Rombach.

“Hammergeil meets it well,” said the sight-sustained biathlon “chick” according to her convincing appearance in Zhangjiakou. Even if the two Germans benefited from the exclusion of the numerous medal candidates from Russia and Belarus, they showed great performance. “She did what she can,” Kazmaians Guide Florian Baumann said. “A beautiful feeling”, supplemented the 18-year-old Walter, who fought with her guide Pirmin Strecker Bronze.

“Super Beginning”: Forster happy with silver

For Forster, silver on the monoski in the departure should have been only the prelude. Sightly facilitated, the 26-year-old highest German medal hopping on Saturday became a prelude to the Alpin competitions after their run in Yanqing. “I am huge,” said Forster, who came to the finish with 0.82 seconds on the Japanese Momoka Muraoka. “It’s a great start. Now I have three, four chances.” With the slalom and the combination follow their best disciplines.

The preparation was on the start for the athleteer of radolfzell, which lacks the right leg, not necessarily optimal. The flag carrier of the opening ceremony was after his own information on Friday evening only at 23.45 local time in bed and did not find it immediately in sleep. At 5 o’clock in the morning the night was already over. “But I was totally good,” explained Forster. “I could draw motivation, had variety and distraction. Everything was fine.”

Enthusiasm about silver was also at Marco Maier. Over six kilometers in the biathlon, the 22-year-old from Kirchzarten won that three front finger members are missing on the left hand, behind the Ukrainian Grigori WoWtschinski the second place. “Unbelievable,” he cheered. “I miss the words. The medal means everything.”

When I saw the result on the screen, I could hardly believe it.

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Marco Maier

Without shooting mistakes, the student came to the finish in 17: 03.4 minutes and also showed his top shape in the trail of Zhangjiakou. “Physically, I was so ready,” he explained. “When I saw the result on the screen, I could hardly believe it.”

After that, he had to bang in about his medal. “At the second shoot, the feather bent too bad,” Maier described the problem of his weapon and said, “Protest was filed and I had to explain the jury. But it was checked. But I got away with a warning and may my Keep second place. “

Medal rain for China

Host China convinced right on the first day with a total of eight medals, including twice gold. At the previous Paralympics, the athletes from the Kingdom of the center won merely four years ago in curling gold. Thanks to the biathlets, the Ukrainians thanks to the war were already at the top of the staircase thanks to the biathlets and perform the medal mirror with another three silver and a bronze medal after the first day.