Cute Pixel Art 2D Slide Scroll ACT “Wife Quest” Console Edition Release Decision-Save Abducted Bad Husband

EASTASIASOFT has been released on March 16, on March 16 for PIPPIN GAMES 2D horizontal scrolling ACT “ Wife Quest ” overseas PS5 / PS4 / Xbox One / Xbox Series / Nintendo Switch.

This work is a classic 2D horizontal scroll action game on the world drawn in a gorgeous cute pixel art. The main character Mia can be helped with a few difficulties and standing, a few difficulties and standing, a few difficulties and standing.

Minecraft Xbox 360 - Pixel Art By Cody2034

Stage Hill, forest, volcanic zone, cave, etc., each inherent trial is awaited, and each stage will attack a strong enemy such as Goblin, Lamia, and Slime on each stage. By defeating each boss, it is possible to purchase items at Yumeal shop and enhance the marma.

“Wife Quest”, which is also focused on humorous junctions and cute pixel arts in the way It is scheduled to be released on March 16 on the platform. The PC (STEAM) version is currently on sale now.