Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Do you remember Tiny Tina from Borderlands? Well, she has her own spin-off game from the developer Gearbox, and it promises to be to the brim with looting, shootings and damn filled much magic. This fantasy realm RPG seems to defeat to connect, the Dragon Lord and save the miracle landing powerful weapons with mystical spells, and the ultimate goal. Even if you have never played Borderlands, Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands provides a standalone experience that you can enjoy regardless.

A big decision at the beginning of the game will be as what class you play. There are six individual Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands classes to choose from, each with its own unique abilities and putting names like Clawbringer and Stabbomancer.

There is much more about the new game to learn of Gearbox. Fortunately, we have a guide as of the date compiled for gameplay and more of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and taken a look at what we can expect from the split screen / co-op modes of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. But now it is time to make the teaching of Tiny Tina.


Here are the six classes in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands:

  • Brr-Zerker
  • Claws Bringer
  • Born grave
  • Magic shot
  • Spurs guard
  • Stabbomancer

In Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands you choose your main class, when you start the campaign of the game. Later in the game you will unlock the multi-class system that gives you the option to select a secondary class to use the powers of both classes and double your buddy companions in some cases.

Each class has its own skill tree, two action skills and a class talent. The class talent is an ever active passive skill that can affect your play style and where you can shine in combat. The action skills that we have described below for each class are unleashed during the fight and have relatively short cool-down times, but you can each only equip one.

While your choice of primary class is an eternal choice is the choice of secondary profession, once you have unlocked MultiClass, interchangeable and something with which you will deal better if you figure out how you want to play Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. So let’s take easily a look at the courses offered.


Tiny Tina's Wonderlands | STABBOMANCER = CORAZON? Let's Play Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (PC Gameplay)

  • Specialty: melee and frost
  • class performance: wrath of the Old
  • special abilities: Feral Surge – jumping and Schmetterangriff, Dreadwind – rotary engagement with scope
  • abilities: Ice Breaker – increases damage to slow enemies, blast chill – melee damage has a chance to create a Frost Nova, Blood of the Fallen – reduces the cooldown of action skills for each downcast enemy

When Brr-Zerker class everything to turn enemies into ice lollies and to make their way through the battle revolves around getting close to be. With the skills “Wild Surge” and “Dread Wind” Brr-use Zerker the power of Frost and melee in order to cause harm to freeze their enemies and smash and area attacks eject multiple enemies can turn off simultaneously.

According to Gearbox Brr-Zerker are also able to “become angry at their action skills” and “to channel their bloodlust by fallen enemies with a pinch of occult magic escape life”. This is a real bruise a character class in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.


  • Specialty: Fire and Lightning
  • class performance: Wyvern companion
  • special abilities: Purifying Flames – Scope Hammerschlag
    Judgment of storm dragon – Thor-like hammer throw, everything damaged on its way
  • abilities: Dragon Aura – increased elemental damage, storm breath – companion fired electric arcs from, Indomitable – fill your defenses and get bonus damage on the state, “Save your soul”.

With the Clawbringer-class players can take the thunder-driven hammer magic similar to Thor. Clawbringer focuses on fire and lightning damage and is equipped on the class talent with its own magic hammer and a dragon companion that distributes its own secondary feuerspeienden damage attacks. Whether it’s about to hit or enemies with lightning damage from the hammer to create a massive fire Nova to enemies off, Clawbringer brings the, um, fire.

According to the claw Gearbox bearer carries an additional ability to unleash the dragon aura that gives their entire group additional Fire damage and more.


  • Specialty: Kill crafts, magic and dark magic
  • class performance: Demi-Lich companion
  • Action capabilities: Reaper of Bones – receive additional life robbery and magical damage for a certain amount of time, while your health decreases continuously, Dire Sacrifice – sacrifier 20% of your current health to add to all opponents close to dark magical damage
  • Skills: Loyalty Thralls – bonus damage for every companion, Dread Covenant – conducts the damage to the companions, Lord of Edges – less damage if you approach the door of death

The Graveborn class is a high risk, a high reward and focuses on transforming health in dark magic. Both skills, Reaper of Bones and Dire Sacrifice, games in Graveborn’s specialties by sacrificing health to add to opponents near magical damage.

Graveborn also has a buddy in the form of the mighty and ancient flying skull demi-lich, which causes additional magic damage. When Graveborn acts a spell, he also triggers kill skills to call hellish servants who join the fight.

Magic shot

  • Specialty: Combine spells with weapons
  • class performance: magic weaving
  • Skills: Ambi-Hextrous – Double magic fists for unleashing, polymorph – transformed enemies into skeeps

The spellshot class is the ultimate combination of magical spells with physical balls, spinishes and shooting grenades in Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands.

Described by Gearbox as a “weapon-carrying wizard”, spellshots can equip two spells with their ambi-hextrous capability at the same time, turn enemies into fluffy, useless skeeps, and an additional classental spellweaving increases magic damage and the fire rate when they act or reload magic. They also wear a fantastic wizard and a cloak, which contribute to fatal wizard aesthetics.

Spore Guard

  • specialty: weapon and companion
  • class performance: mushroom attendant
  • Action skills: Barrage of Arrows – fires seven arrows simultaneously, Blizzard – creates three frost cyclones looking for enemies
  • Skills: Spore Cloud – Your fungus will eject a poison cloud, Called Shot – Increases the extra weapon damage, Play The Angles – Increased Chance on Ball Richochet

The Spore Warden class makes nature too own, just to arm them by conjuring the Tornado and firing Salven Arcane arrows on enemies. The spore guard has a mushroom buddy, which can spit next to his masterclass his own toxic spells.

In contrast to the BRR-Zerker class, the SPORE WARDEN decide to fight out of afar, equipped with a mystical bow and arrows, and speed to escape the danger. In addition to the core skills “Arrow of Arrows” and “Blizzard”, the Spore Worse can also significantly improve the abilities of their companies and their allies.


  • Specialty: Critical hits and status effects
  • class performance: dirty fighting
  • Action capabilities: Ghost blade – damage magic with a range of action, from the shadow – activates the stealth mode and increases the damage as it is in force
  • Skills: Follow up – Increases melee damage if your weapon causes damage, elusive – lets you sprint at full speed and at the same time race, Executioners Blade – increased chance to splash your opponent

Finally, the StabBomancer is an all-rounder that uses a series of skills to change the weaknesses of enemies with great movement and the ability to rely in the stealth mode and rely on while he moves between weapons, melee and magic.

As the Spore Warden benefits StabBomancer from being avoided with high speed enemies, but also has the ability to cause damage in sprint mode and fires weapons. Your Classental Dirty Fighting increases your critical hit chance.

Whether it’s the thor-like nature of the Clawbringer or the arrow shooting spore is Warden, which she losed, the decision lies with them. When it comes to Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands, you are exactly right with us. So watch again to get more content.