Animal crossing: new horizons

Animal Crossing Player Decipers Secret Message from Typewriter with Pro

An object that gives your house in Animal Crossing: New Horizons a little rustic flair is the typewriter. Interacts the character with the object, the item starts to how in the keys and write a text.

But what exactly is actually on the paper? This question has now dedicated a player to YouTube. She explains us in a video, which is written on the sheet of paper and which secret message bears the game.

Letter to a friend

What is written there? The text is a letter to a friend or family. The text itself is written in Japanese, but it is not written in the local typical font. Instead of Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji finds himself at the letter Romaji, so the Romanized Scripture:

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The player Komugi Neko uses the Pro camera, which was introduced with Update 2.0 in Animal Crossing. By changing the viewing angle and more accurate zooms, it can decipher what is written in the letter:

Hello, thank you for your hard work. How are you? I am glad that the sun seems so bright. Although it is hot every day. I am well.

Although the text is very superficially formulated, it shows again how much attention to detail in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Instead of a letter, unknent signs could have been used without the need for players to disturb greatly.

Together with the Update 2.0 by Animal Crossing: New Horizons came the extension Happy Home Paradise, from which the clip of the Youtuberin comes. What is about, you will learn from the following trailer:

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We can still experience that in New Horizons

Nintendo already announced that there will be no major content updates for Animal Crossing: New Horizons after UPDATE 2.0. But anyway, the annual events continue to take place, which the island events a little relieving.

In March 2022, for example, there are new seasonal items that we can grab. In addition, the bunny day takes place in mid-April, with which the colorful Easter event holds a move into the game.

Which curious discoveries have you been able to do in Animal Crossing?