Ark: survival evolved

“PS PLUS” for overseas Freeplay title announced! “Ghost of Tsushima” Cooperation Mode “The Big Bird” appeared

The PLAYSTATION official has released a lineup for overseas of Freeplay Titles in March 2022 of “ PLAYSTATION PLUS “.

“The March’s PlayStation Plus is a Survival, race, a lineup asking for the strategy skills, and” Ghost of tsushima “online multi-play mode” Ghost of Tsushima “for PS5 / PS4” Legends (奇 奇)) “, Delivery of “ GHOSTRUNNER ” was announced for “ ARK: Survival Evolved ” “ Team Sonic Racing ” for PS4 and PS5.

“Legends” is the cooperative play mode of “Ghost of Tsushima”, and unlike the main story, it will be online dedicated content that fights as a legendary “4 people”. Please note that the user who already owns “GHost of Tsushima Director’s Cut” is not available.

Overseas “PlayStation Plus” March 2022 Freeplay can be used from March 1 to April 4th. Domestic lineup has not been announced at the time of article writing.