Director of TLOU II responds to a comment against the game

Almost two years after the launch of _ The Last of US Part II _, many people are still angry with the way in which Joel’s story was represented. Usually, these comments do not have an official response. However, recently Neil Druckmann, director of this title, could not contain the frustration of him, and responded directly to a particular person.

By means of Twitter, the user known as KSA4EVER18 sent him a message to Druckmann, where he points out the alleged discrepancies with the character of Joel between the first and second game. Normally, this type of interactions do not reach another side and are ignored, but on this occasion the game director decided to answer . This was what he commented:

“1) If Joel had not gone to the hostel, he and Tommy would have died by the Horde.

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2) Re: Trust: Do you remember that stranger in the first game in which Joel trusted and even fell asleep next? Here is a clue: he later let Joel and Ellie die to protect the little brother from him. “

This conversation refers to an extremely important moment in the history of The last of us part II, and one of the segments that have caused the most conflict. Although KSA4EVER18 points out that the Joel of the first game had never gone to the hostel, Druckmann points out that the situations surrounding this conflict were natural and a logical decision for the character .

In this way, is clear that Druckmann is not always willing to let the comments pass against , and occasionally it is ready to defend the work of him. On related topics, the The Last of US series for HBO has been delayed. Similarly, the multiplayer of The Last of US Part II would be Free-to-Play.

Editor’s note:

No matter how long pass, The last of us part II will continue to be a controversial game for all the public. The story that Neil Druckmann and his team gave us is one that has its positive and negative sides, but it seems that no one is willing to find a midpoint.