CO-OP Rogue Like FPS “RoboQuest” corresponds to PC GAME PASS! Festival robot shooter for cross-play compatible

RYSEUP Studios announced that CO-OP Rogue Like FPS “ ROBOQUEST ” currently accessed by STeam has supported PC Game Pass. Also, at the end of 2022, the Xbox Series x | S / Xbox One releases and Game Pass correspondence is also announced.

This work is a CO-OP-type rogue light FPS for cross-play compatible with PC and XBOX. Teenager girls and robots that she accidentally discovered will adventure the futuristic Earth while destroying a large amount of anti-spawn enemy bots.

The player must counteracthahadd up while avoiding the enemy bot attack, and you will be prompted for intense actions and accurate cancer play. It is also a major feature that the game can be promoted with weapons and plastic places that each player can have high customizability, so that it is highly customized. By combining multiple parks, you will be able to attack new attacks.

“RoboQuest” will be delivered by PC Game Pass and STeam (early access) and will be added to the Xbox Game Pass within 2022. In addition to responding to cross-platform play, we want to be able to enjoy CO-OP comfortably with random matches in the future.