Lost ARK: This crystal package offers the best price performance

Who has read our test to Lost Ark or already played in itself, the white: With the online role-playing game of SmileGate you can have fun, for many hours, if you do not invest a single cent. Because even for all Free2Play players, there is no annoying brake when levels on stage 50 or an artificial shortage of inventory square.

Only if you come as quickly as possible through the endgame progression, have access to all comfort advantages or want to use one or the other skin, your money must take your money – where the optional subscription crystalline aura also with the ingame currency gold pay (by exchanging gold in the normal crystals). More infos about the shop of Lost Ark is here .

Shop currency crystals

Speaking of crystals: The shop currency is quite important for players who want to play long-term Lost Ark (now 19.99 €). With the crystals, you not only pay the crystalline aura, but also many other shop offers as well as the goods from Maris. And if you urgently need gold because you want to buy something in the auction house, for example, you can exchange your crystals in gold and pay for your desired articles.

However, crystals do not just get them through gold, but also through the various shop packages that they paid with royal crystals. The royal crystals, in turn, you may receive about your purchased pioneer packages, or you invest some euros for the real money currency. Then, however, the question of which crystal package offers you the best price / performance ratio.

unique good offer

~SAVE YOUR CRYSTALS!!~.. Buy *THIS* & Not THAT!.. (Lost Ark BEST & WORST Mari Enhance Shop Deals)

Lost Ark: If you want to leave a few euros in the shop, then we recommend the step shutdown package! Source: online role-playing The simple answer: the step shutdown package for 1,100 royal crystals . All ten step climbs, you will get on the way a Batze crystals, until level 50 it is a total of 2,600 crystals. 1,100 royal crystals correspond to approximately 11 euros. That’s extremely little if we compare this with the prices of other packages. For example, you will ever buy a normal package of 800 and 2,000 crystals, you can quickly get 6.580 royal crystals, almost 6 times. That makes almost 60 euros.

Also another comparison shows how unbeatably good the step shutdown package fails. For 2,600 crystals you can complete the crystalline aura for six months. That would usually cost you 50 euros. So these are very well landed 11 euros. The two disadvantages of the step shutdown package: You can only buy this Pro Account only once and you have to reach level 50 to fully exploit the package. You can buy the package in doubt but also only with level 50 or higher and then you will receive all the crystals on a blow.

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