Path of exile

Hoyoverse, unresolved events train trip

The auspicious romance of the HoyoVers (Hoyoverse) is a “train travel-memorable” on the “US Resolution Incident” on the 22nd.

This’ train trip – a train trip – Memories, and for tomorrow, the event will be held from the 25th to March 13, and the players are invited to train travels towards exotic.

The player may choose one of the “travels that contain elegant wine cultures” and ‘traveling to the historical history’ or the two travels may experience both.

Traveling across America by train to visit Yellowstone National Park | RangerDave

Baek Eun or Yonoa can be selected as a partner, and if you clear both the two travel paths, you will be paid for the “Healing Travel” badge, ‘Wide Chip’, and the ‘SR’ of ‘SR’.

The train passing through a total of five reverse states will stop at a new destination every day, and you can consume your stamina and enjoy exotic and beautiful scenery on the day of the day.

In addition, when all of the travel paths of the male main character, the event R card (the “sweet taste”, Yoonoa ‘new experience’) can be obtained free of charge. However, the travel path of the two male heroes can not open at the same time.

In addition, the player may have a sweet memories through their own ‘journeys’, and clearing the daily mission is provided with a rich compensation such as ‘Waste Dollar’ and Card Skill Level Up Material.

If you clear the ‘travel path’ story on the day to help a sweet journey, you will be released on the event screen, and you can enjoy a total of 10 travel voices for each male protagonist and enjoy a romantic trip.

In addition, during the event period, the shadow of the new goddess appears, the SSR card appears, and the acquisition of the acquisition of SSR ‘ssr’ and the ‘essential mind’ and the ‘owed’ and the ‘

In addition, the new motion invitation of train journeys and ‘Rombardia Travel’ and ‘Relaxing’ are opened, and clearing the travel path of the male main character can be purchased at a discounted price.

Meanwhile, the main chapter 6, which is surrounded by a mystery, along with the limited event, will be opened at 11 am on March 4, the Main Chapter 6, which is surrounded by a mystery event.