WoW Patch 9.2: Official preview to Torghast

WOW Patch 9.2 will be released on February 23, 2022 and attracts mainly with the new Zereth Mortis area and the final Shadowlands RAID Mausoleum of the first. But also an established content of Shadowlands is expanded: Torghast. On the official website for WOW, the developers have published a small preview of the changes on the tower of the damn. Everything about Wow Patch 9.2 to know, you can learn from our overview .

Torghast: New mode called Spit Route of the Chairman

In contrast to other Torghast modes, the new Torghast content requires a spit race of the chairman no previously completed levels or other factors. Each player character at maximum level can fall into the spit rod. If it concludes one of the demanding levels, in which everything revolves around the boss fights, wave _ “unique rewards such as the combat pet of lightless tormentor, the title spitrut runner, the riding colossal slun ratte and the toy dominated relaxation.” _

But the spit rod is not a sugar rock – partly you even do it with several bosses at the same time. We have already compiled for you More information about the new mode . The whole thing has been made even harder and lucrative for announcement .

New levels with 9.2 resource as rewards

Torghast BOSS RUSH MODE! The Jailer’s Gauntlet - NEW Torghast Wing in Patch 9.2 | Shadowlands
Equipped with new equipment, you may also go to higher levels in Torghast than before: the levels 13-16 will be opened and logically advanced even better gear ahead. For this, you will not only get souls and soul glow in these levels, but also cosmic flux, the new resource of patch 9.2. This takes you to upgrade your equipment – brings, for example, Legendary’s to the highest levels ! Click here for the official Torghast preview of the WOW developers.

With patch 9.2 in front of the door we ask you: How does your Torghast hitherto? Did the developers have made the mode for you since Launch more attractive? Or do you have a fundamental problem with the random animaboni in the tower of the damn, which also exists better or worse depending on the class? Tell us your opinion about Torghast in the comments!

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