Lost Ark: Server-Region Europa West bald online

With the patch, which today, on February 17, 2022, was published for Lost Ark , the responsible persons at Amazon Games have laid the foundation for the new server region “Europa West”. On the server status page you can already see the region already. Only the new realms are not online yet. But there was now a momentum information about the fresh worlds.

Start of the new server region

Still today, on February 17, 2022, the second European region should open its server doors. When exactly? At 18:00 (CET)! The goal of the new region is to relieve the servers of Central Europe and to shorten the queues noticeably. Anyone who changes to the new region may continue to use his crystalline aura and all royal crystals according to Amazon. All other items basically remain with the characters of your “old” servers.

The following eight servers will go to the start tonight:

  • Rethramis
  • Tortoyk

  • Moonkeep
  • Stonehearth
  • Shadespire
  • Tragon
  • Petrania
  • Punika

You must restart your client to see and select the Realms. Further realms should follow the following, if these eight worlds are highly utilized.

Founder packages, launch gift and more

Publisher Amazon is aware that many players do not want to just leave their already achieved progress. Therefore, there will be the following measures to make the server change tasty:

  • Launch gift presented on February 14, 2022 will be available to all players independently of the server from the time of availability of the gift to 2 March 2022 at 08:59 CET in Lost Ark (now Buy 19,99 €) Log in.
  • Each player moves to the new region immediately receives the Daily Rewards for the last ten days.
  • In addition, players from the region Europe West will receive special Daily rewards for ten days.

  • All owners of a founder package that enabled the package via STEAM or an Amazon key can access an extra package of exclusive items from the founding package for your new server. In addition, additional royal crystals are waving. These additional items will be distributed to the changing founders on 19 February 2022. More details about redeeming the pioneer packages can be found here.

What does it look like: Are you pulling on a new server or remains in your old home? And what do you think of the goodies with whom Amazon wants to make you over the move? Betray us in the comments!

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