Lego is love – the coolest sets for adult children

Oh, what was that nice time. When the exhausting day of school was over at least 13:00 o’clock and we had more holidays as a school. His child would be nice. But unfortunately Bruce Banner and Tony have not yet got a time machine for running in our world, which is why and this way remains closed. But we can nevertheless out the child in us – through the power of nostalgia. This includes the good old Lego at almost all of us.

No children’s room would be complete without a large box with countless collected LEGO sets in half-built or converted form. But Lego is by no means just what children. Although we adults do not play so extensively, but as Memorabilia in the nerd shelf, the constructions are at least as good as small figures or statuettes.

And the selection is gigantic! From small Gandalfs to the Millenium Falke and the T.A.R.D.I.s to the complete castle Hogwarts – for everyone is the right thing. We have given the (in our eyes) coolest lego sets for adult children for you.

Star Wars – the little pitch beats back!

Alone in the area of ​​Star Wars there is a huge selection. Almost every vehicle of space fairy tale is also available as a Lego model. We have the coolest sets from Star Wars and Mandalorian for you.

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  • The X-Wing Fighter is probably the epitome of the Star Wars Universe and may not be missing in any collection. Of course, including Luke and Leia Skywalker and General Dodonna.
  • The counterpart should be the Imperial Tie-Figer . Small, agile and manually fireable missiles!

  • Something more luxurious is already an Imperial Shuttle \ – matching a small Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker.
  • No ship in Star Wars should be as legendary as the Millennium Falke . With the right pilot, this LEGO masterpiece creates the boiler flight in under 12 parsec!
  • And whom the above hawk is too big and too expensive, for which there is the Millennium Falke in miniature format \ – including Han Solo Figurine.
  • Who likes it really big, which presents a hinged Lego star destroyer to the shelf .
  • The Lego Death Star is probably the prestigiest thing you can put in Lego Star Wars in the shelf. Not only due to the size, but above all because of the price. But a planet killer costs a few credits.
  • From the same universe, but not from the films is the Lego Razer Crest – the rickety, but long time faithful ship of the Mandalorian.
  • Who wants to be superior in the ground fight, has two options: the LEGO AT-AT or the LEGO AT-ST .
  • Less to play, as much more to set in the cabinet are the LEGO-DARTH-VADER helmet and the LEGO-BOBBA fat helmet .
  • No list of LEGO products is completely without a LEGO version of the cute Grogu .

The Lord of the Rings – The Pools Of Power

Lego has no magical strength, but can at least move as well as a bann as a ring of power. And who can resist a cute Gimli-figurine, which stands on the (plastic) walls of Helms Klamm? But beware: many sets are no longer produced today and are only available to horrendous prices – unfortunately.

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  • Let’s start with the most important thing – the right single figures of Gandalf , Gimli , Legolas and Aragorn (Caution: very expensive!). Frodo is usually only in a small set . Or may it prefer to be a gundabad ork ?
  • The adventure of the ring begins with the arrival of Gandalf in the Auenland .
  • A short time later, the gray wizard can be found on the top of the Orthanc – in duel of the wizards with Saruman.
  • At the same time, Aragorn must defend the hobbits in the ** fight on the head of the weather.
  • Subsequently, The Council of Elrond, Make the community of the ring on the way…
  • … and soon in the mines of Moria meets Orcs and Trolle.
  • In the Orc forging of Isengard Saruman is meanwhile building his army on…
  • … the little later at the Battle of Helms Klamm is used.
  • At the same time, the ART Orthanc Tower of Isengard attack. (Caution: Extremely expensive!)
  • During the Battle of Minas Tirith Gimli, Legolas and Aragorn Enter the pirate ships of the Corsars of Umbar .
  • The Ring War ultimately ends in front of the black gate of Mordor \ – where the dark ruler is definitively defeated.

Harry Potter and the plastic pitch

From the moving knight about Hogwarts Castle and the associated Hogwarts Express. In the world of wizards, there are countless things we recognize at first glance and that are not less impressive in LEGO form. Incidentally, our insider tip is the Angelgasse – even if this is a bit expensive.

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  • Let’s start with the Ligusterweg number 4, Little Whinging, Surrey . Including Harry and Ron, the Dursleys, Hedwig, Dobby, and of course the flying Ford Anglia.
  • Beautiful memories we have at the Fuchsbau – the home of the Weasley family . Including most Weasleys and the attacking Bella LesgeRange.
  • Harry’s most beautiful moment of each year should have been the journey with the Hogwarts Express – for us she also meant the prelude to a new adventure.
  • And of course the main actor of all Harry Potter movies: The huge castle Hogwarts \ – or in another version included The chamber of horror .
  • Less adventurous, but rather to feel good Hagrid’s hut on the grounds of the castle – including Hagrid, the Magic Minister and of course Ron, Hermione, Harry and Silk Beak.
  • Beautiful memories also produce the Quidditch field or Hogsmeade .
  • And of course the streets of the Angelgasse in all his splendor! (Caution: expensive!)
  • Finally, a few special sets that we have done to us: the carriage of Beauxbatons , the snow owl hedwig (with moving wings) and the coolest bus of all time – the Ritter Being!

superheroes from super slovers

Whether Iron Man, Batman or equal to the whole new asgard. In the marvel and DC universe there is nothing that there is not even in block form of LEGO. Especially we did the Golden Glove of Thanos. Although there are tons of sets regarding superheroes, we have made you a small selection.

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  • First, we have the collecting set Marvel in which many of the well-known superheroes of the MCU are gathered as small figures.
  • If you prefer a bigger figure inside the shelf, we put the Hulkbuster including Iron Man to the heart.
  • Or may it be directly the headquarters of the Avengers ?
  • No? Then rather Neu-ASGARD and as Thor call for noobmaster69 all day?
  • Visually a little more impressive, however, is the Sanctum Sanctorum by Doctor Strange.

LEGO 18+ Sets Have A Problem
* “I am batman!” And this is the LEGO BATMOBIL !
* Or right now the complete Bat Cave ?
* Get the world again on the choke, then snaps with the infinity gloves of Thanos and your problems could be solved.

by Super Mario and Ghostbuster to Minecraft

Even off the well-known franchises, there are plenty of cool lego sets. The own plastic-t.a.R.D.I.s. Or a Cadillac Miller Meteor Ambulance are just a few of them.

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  • Whether you are now Bowser’s castle or Luigis Mansion preferred – in the Super Mario Universe there are countless sets.
  • The same applies to the various sets from the world of Minecraft – for example the Minecraft Pilzhaus .
  • A huge highlight is for us the Ghostbuster ECTO-1 \ – including the four Ghostbusters. (Caution: very expensive!)
  • Outrageous expensive is the Ghostbuster headquarters . However, it also looks out well.
  • Significantly cheaper, but still too expensive is the Delorean from back to the future \ – one of the greatest film cars of all time.
  • The LEGO-T.A.R.D.I.s. from Doctor Who makes your reputation all honor – because it is really greater than outside. Unless you opened them.
  • And last but not least our personal highlight: the Central Perk from Friends !

Which Lego sets do you have at home? Or what would you like to have? For, we are honest with ourselves, some sets like The huge Millennium Falke are already chic – but also too expensive, to just put them in the shelf. Whereby most shelves would be too small anyway.

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