Identification of the string, 22.5 billion won for game content

The Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister Hwang Hee) and Korea Content Promotion Agency (Director Cho, Hyun-rae, Condor Condor) announces “2022 Game Content Production Support Project” and recruit support companies.

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This year’s game content production support project is to enable domestic game industry and global entry to develop game content ▲ General type ▲ new world (new technology, new market creation type) ▲ 3-year-old 3-year-old company has been established. In particular, this year is planning to expand the performance of the previous year, and it is planning to strengthen the competitiveness of domestic games through user assessment and quality test (QA) support.

‘General Game Content Production Support’ is a total of 11.1 billion won ▲ Mobile, ▲ PC, ▲ 3 sectors. Mobile fields are aimed at strategic overseas markets to advance through a mobile platform, PC fields, which can drive on PCs, packages that can be driven on PCs and online game content, and advanced areas, such as VR, AR, MR, etc. And support up to 400 million won per challenge.

‘New growth game content production’ is divided into new technology, ▲ new market creation. The new technical field is a total of W4.5bn, which is a block chain, cloud, and artificial intelligence. The new market creation form is about W4.8bn, supporting the game content of the platform, such as consoles and arcades, to seek new market creation in a relatively vulnerable game in Korea. The console field supports a step by step by reflecting the characteristics of a long platform, and supports up to 1.5 billion won per challenge, up to 1.5 billion won, and up to 400 million won. Arcade sector is up to 2.5 billion won per challenge, and board game sector supports up to 70 million won per challenge.

‘Functional Game Content Production Support’ supports a total of W2.1bn in a total of 300 million won per challenge for functional game content, which combines game performance and destination. The detailed field of the functional sector ▲ In the designated field, the Functional game for social contribution purposes associated with the ‘Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) specified by the UN’ s sustainable development target (SDGs) and functional games to improve the disabled game content access. ▲ Free field is applicable if it is a functional game content production company for various purpose, such as education, sports, and medical.

The selected game content is a FGT (Focus Group Test) format, conducting a demonstration assessment of general game users and experts in Korea and other countries, and can be supported as well as quality assays such as error detection.

The method can be confirmed through posted announcements for the help of Cancer Nuri House and Earbori, and the company that wants to apply for business can be accepted through the help of E-kilo until 3:00 pm on March 2,.