Minecraft – How to Fix Enchanted Items

Players in Minecraft, who have their favorite enchants on their armor, would like to keep these items as long as possible. If the healing enchantment is still out of range because of this annoying villagers, you have to find another way Repair your articles . You are not sure how to repair your items in Minecraft? We give you cover.

Some minecraft players can see how they have repaired unifiches old bows or swords in the past with a crafting table and think that the use of the same method with enchanted objects works as well. However, if players put together enchanted items on a craft table, they will find that all their enchantments do this disappear from their newly repaired articles. This is because the players need a completely different subject to repair their enchanted object, be it a sword, a bow or a armor.

How to repair enchanted items in Minecraft

To repair enchanted items in Minecraft, you need an anvil. An anvil is used for all sorts of things. Repairing items Rename items ** Learn here how to rename your favorite items.

To make an anvil, you need three iron blocks and four iron barrels . Finding this ore is relatively easy. Go under the earth and look around The same level as you would find coal or copper . How to order these items on a worktable to produce an anvil:

After making your anvil, place your enchanted object in the first slot and one of two things in the second slot . Either place the scallops from which your item consists (diamonds, gold, iron), or place the same type of item in the second slot. This is also your opportunity to rename your article if you wish. How to see here:

ore Repair:

The same article type Repair:

After you have repaired your article , put your repaired enchanted item back in your inventory and you’re d1. If you are using a armor section, make sure that you equip it to your menu screen.

Minecraft is available on PC, mobile phone, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

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