Developer responds to “Apex Legends” prestige skin challenge proceedings. Cumulative damage is reset and advanced

Unlocking The Max Tier Bloodhound Prestige Skin! But Is It Worth It?
From February 16th on February 16 “ Apex Legends ” is being held on the 3rd anniversary collection event. A three-step tier exist in the prestige skin, which is a new skin of the Brad Hound, which is the event of the event. A design and finisher will be added by achieving the challenge of giving a constant damage. However, there is currently a problem that the progress of this challenge is not yet reflected.

Brad Hound Prestige Skin is equivalent to super legends at previous collection events. It is possible to obtain by aligning all 24 items in the anniversary collection event. According to the official site, after the end of the event, it is planned to be available at a Misual shop using a 150 Super Legend Shard.

Prestige skin is in the initial state of Tier 1, and to unlock the tier 2 skin by achieving the challenge to give 30,000 damage with Brad Hound after acquisition. Thereafter, the tier 3 skin and the dedicated finisher can be unlocked by achieving the challenge of giving 7,000 damage. However, this damage count is reset to 0, and it seems that there is a problem that it becomes impossible to go ahead.

For this report, RobothavGunz, a Respawn Entertainment Technical Game Designer, has a response. The fundamental issue seems to be identified, but it is expected to take at least one week before resolving all players’ defects. Also, recovery of challenge progress that has been reset seems to be unfortunate. On the other hand, depending on the player, no problem does not occur, and it seems that challenges are being challenged without problems. It seems that it has been confirmed to improve by restarting the game, so it would be nice to try it first.

Brad Hound Prestige Skin is a lot of players who were looking forward to the collection of collection events. There are not many costs and effort necessary for obtaining. I want to make a quick fix.

In “Apex Legends”, season 12 “Defiism” is being held. The third anniversary collection event will be implemented from February 16 to March 2 today.