Horizon Forbidden West is put on the test with new technical analysis

We are less than a week for the anticipated launch of _ Horizon Forbidden West _, and according to all reviews (including ours), guerrilla games has been delivered to a sensational experience that The owners of a PLAYSTATION 5 or PLAYSTATION 4 should not be lost. As always, Digital Foundry has launched its own technical analysis where they thoroughly examine every detail of this new proposal.

Horizon Forbidden West Obviously it has a better performance at PlayStation 5 , but how is your version of password generation in terms of resolution and fps? According to Digital Foundry, on a standard PS4 the game runs at 1080p and 30fps, while in PS4 Pro is a dynamic resolution of 1800P but still at 30fps. Things change in the new Sony hardware, where Forbidden West allows two different performance modes: 4k resolution native and 30fps, and Dynamic Resolution Performance of 1800P and 60FPS.

In the case of PS4, Digital Foundry explains that Forbidden West makes a better worked by keeping the FPS stable compared to Horizon Zero Dawn . In PS5 , either of the two modes you choose will give you a favorable performance without almost any type of technical problem.

The greatest differences between both versions fall on the foliage and geometric density, but despite this, its version of ps4 is still awesome. Obviously, the best possible experience find it in a ps5 , but Digital Foundry explains that even its version of past generation will be an enjoyable experience for those who decide to play it there.

_ Horizon Forbbiden West _ reaches ps5 and ps4 next February 18 .

Horizon Forbidden West: The First Hands-On Preview

Editor’s Note: It was expected that a Sony First-Party Title was going to have an impeccable performance, plus we are talking about Games Guerrilla, I study that has always proven his talent at the time of optimizing games.