At Pokemon Legends Alceus, a phenomenon of “Villagman deformed” is confirmed. If you go around Kai, you will be a transform

At “ Pokemon Legends Alceus “, it seems that a strange bug that the person giant is giant occurred. Repeating a specific action in the game, part of the person will be strangely enlarged. Although it is not a serious problem that prevents the progress of the game, the impact point of the impact has attracted attention.

“Pokemon Legends Alceus (hereinafter referred to as Alceus)” is a “Pokemon” series fully newly developed as an action RPG. The stage is the Shin-Ou region, which was still called the Jade region. This work is drawn by 3D graphics, and the player can search for free open fields. From dynamic distant views, it is also attractive to taste different expressions in the Jissi region, depending on the player’s standing place.

In such a work, multiple users report a strange bug and are very attention. Repeating specific actions, some characters are deformed more and more. As an example, a flashy deformation of the villager “Hata” of Shinju village has been reported. He is always a character that is thinking about abandonment in the jade region. He talks and he comments that he says, “If you don’t borrow Pokemon’s power, you can not live in the extremely cold land.” He can not be visible to a type of man who is very difficult to deform. But he is deformed by a little bit. Specifically, when there is a girl “Kai”, which is another character near the vicinity, it is a method of rounding around.

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Every time the main character is around Kai, Hata, which should be serious, is deformed and a strange look. Similar phenomena could be confirmed in verification of the magazine editor. Was the straightness of Kai and the momentum of the protagonist cause a mysterious force and acted on the hata? Perhaps not. Although it is an irregularity of the author, this phenomenon may be related to the drawing technology implemented in this work.

One of the areas that can be considered as a cause of this phenomenon is “a method to change the drawing by distance.” In a typical example, there is a method called LOD (Level of Detail). If the LOD briefly describes, the object far from the player’s point of view is rough, and the nearby object is drawn in detail. By simplifying unnecessary details, it is a technique that reduces the processing applied to drawing. Although there are various mounting methods, it is common to shift to a high-definition model in a stepwise high definition model so as not to feel uncomfortable with the player.

And it is the “distance” between the player and the character that is the key to this bug. Even in the magazine, it was possible to confirm the behavior in which the deformation occurred at the timing straddling the distance between the player cameras and the character. That is, changes in model depiction due to distance may accumulate, resulting in bold deformation. There is also a way of thinking that the implementation for drawing burden reduction has caused side effects with an operation that does not make a player expect. So, strictly, it does not go around the character, but it occurs because it is approaching or away. Although it can not be asserted that it is related to LOD, it is appropriate to think that the same specification is involved.

In addition, the same problem is also generated by the residents of Kotobuki village. It is a tie sight of a general store. In him, the player will change if the player does not go around the area. Although the deformation is not intense and clear, it seems that the front lake wearing and enlarged more and more. In addition to confirming the authentic case, the authors also identified, and multiple users report the deformation phenomenon on SNS. Other NPCs are likely to be able to check the phenomenon to be deformed by approaching or leaving the same way.

The figure of the character to be deformed and the character to be deformed is a worried. It takes care of the impact of the game after deformation. However, there is no serious impact within the scope of the authors. Hata and tiei also approach short distance, or return to normal 3D models with a load screen or the like. As far as the behavior of both names is seen, the impact of this problem is temporary, and there will be no worries that the big objected character is located in the area. In addition, there was no problem such as the same phenomenon in normal play, and no problems such as the termination of the game during verification occurred.

This phenomenon seems to have received a lot of users on the appearance impact. “Alceus” has increased the degree of freedom of view and movement compared to conventional works. It is likely to have an apparent phenomenon that has a hypertrophy phenomenon. It may be corrected by future updates.

“Pokemon Legends Alceus” is on sale for Nintendo Switch.