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PS4 has just received one of the best games of Xbox OG

Many PlayStation fanatics were lost, but yesterday the PS4 received one of the best Games of OG Xbox. The original Xbox had some great exclusives. In exclusives for limited time, exclusive console and absolute exclusivity, the original Xbox had games like aureola, The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, imperio de jade, fabula, Star Wars: Knights of the old Republic and Jet Set Future Radio; S Some of the best generation games that PS2 players were lost. At the height of these games is mundo strange: the wrath of the strange, one of the best qualified OG Xbox exclusives that is now available on PS4. And unless you have a PlayStation Vita or you are prepared to unearth your PS3, this is your only option in PlayStation to play.

The Developer Oddworld Inhabitants has revealed that the Xbox classic game will arrive at Xbox One and PS4 on February 11 at a price of $ 1999. That said, it is not the original version of the game, but a HD ratio that debuted in 2011 through PS3. Since then, this relaunch in HD arrived at PC, PlayStation Vita and, more recently, Nintendo Switch in 2020.

Developed by Oddworld Inhabitants and published by EA, the action and adventure game was launched on January 25, 2005. After its launch, the fourth installment of the long-term series obtained an 88 in Metacritic, which makes it one of The best qualified games of a year that many consider one of the best in the history of the game.

«What does DDDWORLD do: the wrath of the strange HD a unique game, even 17 years later, is your innovative combination of shooting, platforms and puzzles with a hybrid point of view that allows the player to alternate between the first-person action and exploration In the third person, “he reads an official speech. “A with a science fiction spin on the classic motive of the West popularized by people such as Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood, play as Stranger, an arrogant hunter with a disturbing secret in an odyssey homeresca through the Western Lands. Help Stranger to locate the fugitives in exchange for rewards elaborating a strategy to approach and knocking down the scoundrels and outlaws, either by taking them alive or giving them a one-way ticket to the doors of the sky using “Viva ‘bunch ammunition. Either way, it depends on you how you want to charge the reward because Stranger needs all the money he can win, it can be vital for his own existence. “

At the time of publication, there is still no news about the game for PS5, Xbox Series S or Xbox Series X. That said, you can play on these machines when you reach PS4 and Xbox One through compatibility with previous versions.

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