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Com2us Pro Baseball 2022, New Season Right Game Title Number Roll Replacement

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee, Yi), said that the popular mobile baseball game, which is developed and served and served, “Com2us Pro Baseball 2022” (compilation 2022) said that it has conducted a variety of updates, including numbering replacement.

This year, a ‘compilation 2022’, ahead of the opening of the 20th season, is to advise the new monument of the official game through this numbering replacement and adds new content to the new season, including adding new content.

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The news of the official model of the recent game, followed by the announcement of the official model, followed by the date of departure, and it is expected that the fans for ‘2022KBO League’ will be able to enhance the expectation of fans.

Com2us has also done a variety of content updates to add fun elements of the game with this numbering replacement. First, I added a ‘League Delegation feature’ in the essential growth content ‘League mode’ in the game. The newly introduced ‘League Delegation Function’ is a feature that allows users to play as many as the number of games set when they play ‘League Mode’ and ‘League Hard Mode’. Through this, users can acquire a large amount of experience and various items to make it easier to foster their own clubs.

In addition, the content ‘guide mission cumulative compensation’ to help adapt to new users’ fast game adaptation, and friend menu changes, user interface (user interface) and legend menu change, to be.

Meanwhile, ‘compilation 2022’ is a 3D mobile baseball game that can enjoy all the games of the KBO League vividly in hand. In addition to the 10 consistent KBO leagues, you can meet all the athletes, real name, photos and current season KBO leagues from the first year to the present. In addition, we provide a variety of live content, which utilizes the league sexual data of the players, in accordance with the opening season of each year, and we offer a real baseball game.