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Blizzard develops a survival

Hard to believe, but Blizzard has announced to create a new brand, and is looking for new employees.

Blizzard Entertainment does not necessarily consider today as a developer who is known to constantly establish new brands. Apart from OverVATCH, the Californians have not created new universes since 1998 (as Starcraft). Almost everything that has come to the market since the market is playing either in the Warcraft, Starcaft or Diablo world – or mixed together as in Heroes of the Storm. All the more exciting and surprising it is that the company has actually been announced to work on a new brand.

On his website Blizzard yesterday published a post titled “creating a new universe”. In it, one reveals to work on a survival game that is not based on one of the well-known brands. Blizzard speaks of a “place full of unborn heroes, full of not yet narrated stories and full of adventures we will experience,” but does not call any details. That’s no wonder, because the project is obviously still in the infancy.

Blizzard Won, I Give Up...
The game has no title yet and there is no information on how to look like the basic concept. We just know that it should be a survival game for PC and console. The only indication of what direction it could go, the artwork uses that Blizzard uses in the article. This indicates that it is about young people from our world that somehow land in a fantasy-kingdom.

The reason why Blizzard is already talking about the project: The studio is looking for employees for the development of the title. Several places are vacant. So you need about Level Designer, Environment Artists and Software Engineers. Interesting in all history – apart from the fact that this is to create a new brand here – is that Blizzard is so shortly after the announcement of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft thus to the public. Previously, due to the entire scandals around structural sexism and discrimination against women, it would probably have been very difficult to attract any new people. Under the leadership of Phil Spencer, the boss of Microsoft Gaming, the operating climate could significantly improve – at least that’s how many hope. Blizzard also explicitly writes in his article that a “Miscellaneous Team of Developers” is needed to create universes for millions of players.