Supermassive Trademarks Various New Dark Pictures Anthology Games

It was already expected that the series of spooky terror and decisions from Supermassive Games, The Dark Pictures Anthology, had several more games, since it is an anthology in itself, and thanks to some new registered trademarks of the company, now We can have a better idea of ​​what those games will be. Some more trademarks were detected with respect to different Titles of Dark Pictures Anthology this week with a total of six new games apparently in process, assuming that registered trademarks are made as real games.

The credit for the brand findings corresponds to the user of Twitter The_Marmolade, who shared a screenshot of several of the listings, as well as a link where they can be found. Looking for «Dark Images» at the Intellectual Property Office of the European Union The database shows The Dark Pictures Anthology, as well as the games that have already been launched with The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes is the most recent one of those. After that game and the newly revealed _The Dark Pictures Anthology: the devil in me, Other games with the prefix Dark Pictures Anthology include «Switchback», «Directive 8020», «The Craven Man», «Intercession», «Winterfold» and «Presents or Death». Supermassive Games figure as the owner of each of them, and trademarks have their own unique logos that coincide with those who are seen in other Dark Pictures Anthology games.

For the latest games, Supermassive seems to have adopted its own unique way to really reveal the next games at The Dark Pictures Anthology. Since games have multiple finals, get the “right” or “best” ending has recently rewarded players with an advance of the next game. That is the way it worked with _round of ash, every time it was previewed _The devil in me that was officially revealed shortly after, so the revelations of these other games will soon follow their example unless something changed.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Volume 1 Распаковка + другие хорроры на дисках от Supermassive Games

Having said that, you can spend a time before we see the rest of these officially revealed games. Trademarks are only trademarks until they are also converted into games, so it could be that the titles or the order of the launches change with respect to what is shown above.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: The devil in me is scheduled to launch at some point in 2022.