343i announces changes to reduce the LAG in the Halo Infinite online

There is nothing more frustrating than the LAG at the time of playing any online title, so 343 Industries announced a series of changes that will be receiving the multiplayer of _ halo infinite _ so that, hopefully, There is much lower latency in each game and players can enjoy them without so many connection problems.

While it is true that the servers of Halo Infinite have remained quite stable since their debut a few months ago, there are several users who, for reasons, continue to suffer from a terrible LAG in the vast majority of games. As of today, Halo Infinite has received a series of updates from its developers who seek to combat the LAG and then we are detailed:

  • As of today, the priority of stable connections on the game servers was increased during the pairing process. This should help you play with local users, and as a consequence to have a better connection, more often.

  • The service team has taken additional steps to make sure you can enjoy quality items with users of each respective region. This should help have more games in less populated areas around the world, including – but not limited to – Australia and Asia. This update, which already debuted yesterday, has shown promising results and should be exploited more after the changes this morning.

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343 Industries will continue to improve the multiplayer _ halo infinite _ constantly, and even after these changes will continue to monitor the reactions of the users to see what other modifications need to implement the game to improve the experience of the players. Maybe they should also do something to prevent the substantial loss of users that Halo Infinite has been suffering from recent.

Editor’s note: Personally I never had many problems as for the match of the game, but I do remember having games with more LAG than others. Actually it was not so serious, but these changes should help us all so as not only to find faster games, but also to have much more stable experiences in them.