Vranckx stands twice right: Wolfsburg beats Fürth 4: 1

Wolfsburg’s coach Florian Kohfeldt had to cope with the departure of Weghorst, but got with wind and kruse but two new attackers provided. Both new additions started, also replaced compared to the 0: 2 in Leipzig Steffen the last battered Roussillon (bank). Waldschmidt also sat outside.

Fürth-Coach Stefan Leitl had to do without Meyerhöfer at short notice, which was tested positive on Corona – ASTA replaced him. More than a change compared to the recent 2: 1 against Mainz, however, did not exist, which meant that Burchert’s duel has decided for the time being with the new Keeper Linde.

Many goals were not to be expected in the duel of the two weakest offensives of the league, but Wolfsburg did not matter. A somewhat happy preliminary work of Steffen had had a short distance after seven minutes from a short distance only over the line, the ball bounced off the post of the Belgian’s feet.

Wolfsburg’s goalkeeper finished

Bitter for Fürth, because in the attack before Leweling had had the first goal shot of the game, but Castels pareded well with the foot. With the early guidance in the back, which simultaneously finished the doorflow after 406 minutes, the wolves could not really start something. Again and again, balls were lost in midfield, the tail light from Franconia also held well.

Even offensive, the shamrock was stronger, after just over half an hour, Leweling failed again from a pointed angle to Castels. The deserved compensation should still fall before the pause, Hrgota converted a penalty (44.). Previously, Bornauw had fouled Dudziak in the penalty area, which referees Martin Petersen only after looking at the video images.

Burchert Patzt – Philipp’s decision

As in the first pass, the wolves came back better from the cabin, Kruse awarded the huge chance to the 2: 1 after 48 minutes from six meters. A few seconds later, the households still went back to the lead, as Buourers came unnecessarily from the gate during a wide ball and bounded the ball Vranckx in front of the feet. From 16 meters, the Wolfsburg moved directly and completed in the Half Schereere Tor (49.).

Again, Wolfsburg did not make a little bit with the lead in the back in the episode, Fürth had little effort with the tentative attacks of the households. Almost again, a header of Griesbeck missed Hrgota on the second post only huge type (62.). But more the wolves did not have to survive, 20 minutes before the end Arnold brought the VFL with a felt free-kick on the winning road.

Fürth was beaten, but another hit had to accept the brave francs. The substitute Philipp moved from 16 meters, Hrgota changed the race of the ball crucial. Burchert did not come ran – the 4: 1 final score was perfect. Thus Wolfsburg won for the first time since the 6th of November, for Fürth it was the first defeat after four unbeaten games.

The wolves are a guest next Saturday (15.30 clock) in Frankfurt. Fürth receives Hertha BSC at the same time.