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Behavior of “Ding Light 2 Stay Human” AI and CO

Developer Techland announced that it will update for each platform on the other day against “ Ding Light 2 Stay Human “.

This work released on February 4, 2022 is a zombie × Open World Action Adventure Game. The main character ADEN, which is the player who is full of infected people, the player manipulates the center of the main character Aiden will run through the city with Palkour, and close to the truth involved in their own relationship with various people.

By posting, this update mainly improves output defects around graphics and voices, as well as behavior of AI and co-OP-related instability. In addition to this, as an item currently in response to this, the function to remain in English only when playing the bug that prevents the progress of the story, preparation of the backup save, and even if you play with a language setting other than English, it will be added. It is. For further details, please check the thread (linked English) by the official Twitter.

“Ding Light 2 Stay Human”, which can enjoy intense zombies, is distributed for PS5 / PS4 / Xbox Series X | S / Xbox One / Windows (Steam, Epic Games Store). The Nintendose Switch Version (Cloud Version) will be released during 2022.