Sherlock Holmes: Determine the release of sin and punishment, Nintendos location version

Intro Games (representative compensation) cooperates with today (26th), Frog wares, and investigation adventure game ‘Sherlock Holmes: Sin and Sherlock Holmes: Crime & Punishment’ to the Nintendo Switch ™ Digital Download Version.

‘Sherlock Holmes: sin and punishment’ followed by Frog wares’ ‘Sherlock Holmes’ willing to launch in 2012 as a result of 2014. Only eight years I have been meeting Nintendo Switch again.

The game was based on Sherlock Holmes created by Conan Doyle, reacting a traditional style, modern Sherlock Holmes, a traditional style, which was adhered to the 60s video records. Developed with Unreal Engine 3, we got a good response by bringing out the expression of freedom and environment and personality.


Gamers are Sherlock Holmes, utilizing various investigations, use a variety of investigation techniques, observing the surrounding figures through a newly created game environment, revealing their lives that have been lived, and resolve the context of the past, and resolve the events that have been in the past.

Murder, missing, and theft, such as six events, and should be made in each case to make decisions in each case. The choice of gamers is affected in the form of realistic and unpredictable forms to solve the reputation and events of Sherlock Holmes.

‘Sherlock Holmes: Sin and Bee’ Digital Download version will be released as Nintendo shop, and the release date will be released later. More information on the game is available on the Intro Games homepage or the official blog.