Pokemon legends Arceus has multiplayer, but does not expect too much

Pokémon Legends: Areas offers some series refreshing new features and because the question comes up regularly, which items have ultimately made it into the game. Including the multiplayer, which is traditionally split in Pokémon in many items. We show you what this is known so far.

We will expand this article for the release of all information directly from the game.

Pokémon Areas legends: We know that the multiplayer

Officially Nintendo and The Pokémon Company have always mentioned a multiplayer features only in subordinate clauses. Therefore, there is no single answer to whether a multiplayer mode in it or not.

Can you be? For this purpose has already expressed Nintendo and confirms that it will definitely be possible. In jubilation village there are different facilities. Including an online exchange that you can use her for about inside trading with other players Pokémon.

Nintendo Switch Online required : If their pocket monsters over the Internet with other exchange will, then This is not quite so simple. You need for that is an active subscription to Nintendo Switch online. The normal subscription of ranges, the expansion pass so do not need her. Which exchange functions, such as miracles exchange, then there will be is not yet known. More on Nintendo Switch online you can read here:

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Can you against each other fight? For many years, it is possible to measure over the Internet with other trainers. According to previous information, it really seems to be such that it will not be possible.

Can you together explore the world? Also to this, Nintendo has yet to comment. It should indeed be possible to register online and to connect locally with another person. But that is likely to allegedly relate only to the exchange. If Areas had a real co-op mode, Game Freak would this probably already shown.


What it with other functions? In past games, there were more and more multiplayer features such as Max Raids (Pokémon sword and shield) or underground (Pokémon SD and LP). In this direction Pokémon Legends seems nothing to offer. Also, Pokémon Home is supported after release, to transfer the monsters from the old games in the new.

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Pokémon Areas legends appear in a few days. So that you can start your adventure perfectly prepared, we put you in a separate article all about the game together. Of course, this is all based on fear official information, and you have no spoilers.