Rainbow Six extraction: How to fix a server connection error

Rainbow Six extraction is not immune to the problems of the predecessor. Issues such as server connection problems seem to appear again in many players. During Rainbow Six Extraction, players work to improve their operators by completing missions like Hunt. They are confronted with server connection errors and can not even log in to the game to play al1. These server connection issues and other errors are not new to players of the Rainbow Six franchise. In this manual we go on what you can do to fix a server connection error and get back into play.

How to fix a server connection error at Rainbow Six extraction

Check server status

Whenever you encounter connection issues with a multiplayer game, this should be your first answer. A short googling of Rainbow Six Extraction Server Status displays the site you need to visit to display the status of the game. Normally Down Detector is the first or second link and can show you if other players have similar issues.

Restart Rainbow Six Extraction and / or Ubisoft Connect

Again, this is another simple step towards troubleshooting you should always go through before you try more drastic and more time-consuming corrections.

Check the integrity of the game files

This is just a PC troubleshooting step, but so go on the PC.

  • Go to the Games tab.
  • Choose Rainbow Six Extraction.
  • On the left side of the game overview, select Properties.
  • Under Local Files, select Check Files.

Check the connection of your device

If your error is a delta 00001007 error, this means that your game could not connect to the servers. This can occur if your console / PC has network issues. If you make sure you have no network issue on your page, you can save the trouble to contact customer support. So you can check your network on each platform.


  • Open the settings menu on the home screen
  • Select Network
  • Then select Test Internet Connection and Wait until the process is completed


  • Open the Guide menu by pressing the Xbox button

Select Profile & System
Go to Settings, General
Open the network settings
Select the Test Network Connection option and let it run


  • Open the Start menu
  • Choose Settings, go to Network & Internet
  • Choose Status

Restart your modem or router

Even if your internet seems to work well, simply resetting your modem / router is a simple step towards troubleshooting that should not be overlooked. Sometimes it is sufficient to fix your issue by simply putting on your router / modem.

Make sure that Antivirus or Firewall does not block the game

This is a pure PC solution, sometimes your firewall can block the connection of games without any reason. Simply add the executable Rainbow Six Extraction file as an exception to your firewall. That should allow the game to easily connect to the servers if your firewall has blocked it.

Change your DNS address

Sometimes DNS server occurs randomly or block connections to servers without notifying them. Try to convert your DNS server to more conveniently as the Google or Cloudflare DNS server and check if you can connect to Rainbow SIX Extraction servers.

After you have done these steps, you should hopefully be able to connect to the servers. If you still have issues with the server connection, contact customer support. The issue can be something that has to update the game to fix it. If you need more help with the extraction of Rainbow SIX, you definitely read our other instructions.

Rainbow Six extraction is now available for PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X / S, Google Stadia, Amazon Luna and PC.