PS4 fan keeps the weakening console alive – cost it what it wants

The PS4 almost picks up, sounds like a jet jet and seems to glow: Whoever uses his hot beloved console for many years, may know that. Like this person here, who has done with his PS4 all kinds of efforts to make sure they continue to work. Even if it may not look like this at first glance: So far, the actions were successfully crowned and the machine does not seem to have not seemed to have given up its mind.

Curious picture of open PS4 ensures Reddit for furor

It’s about it: You may know that from other favorite devices, items or garments. They have such a high emotional value that we just do not want to separate from them or can. Then it does not matter how things look like – as long as you still meet the meaning and purpose we attribute you and what we use or own.

PS4 still works: It does not necessarily look after it, but what you see on the picture of Reddit involved below is a PS4. The resembles externally only very away from the Sony console, but it depends on the inner values, as we all know. And they are running here without the trim and maybe even better. But this cable management…

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That says the owner: The title of the picture is I keep them alive as I can and the name seems to be clearly program here. The PS4 is completely open, but apparently still works. If you ask you now as it could come so far, you are not al1. In the now significantly more than 500 comments, exactly that and the handling of the Redditor with his device is debated hot.

Everything started that the thought was, Okay, the SSD does not fit, but with the adapter it will already work. But then the PS4 was very hot, whereupon the author of the posts is panicked, and then he cut a hole into the side to tighten a fan, which blows air into the housing. Then it was gradually so farther and one came to another. He only wanted to help!

How to install an SSD in the PS5, you can see in this video by the way:

On the many inquiries and information of the commentator inside explains Redditor Thislostcanadian, he initially made all possible other steps. For example, to clean the heat sink and renew the thermal grease. If you ask you how it works: Here you will find our Gamer instructions. Otherwise, people in the comments are ambitious about the long-lasting love of the person to his PS4 and the dedication as well as determination not to give them up.

Do you also have such devices whose life is only hanging on the silky thread, or of which you just do not want to separate?