Broken Ranks starts in two days. This is how the combat system looks like this MMO

As the prime minister Broken Ranks were only two days (January 25, 17:00 Polish time), time looked at the most important game system.

That is, the combat system that is completely different from what we see in other MMO games.

As a broken rank uses a turn-based struggle, but it is something bigger, better, more advanced than standard Tōkaidō, my turn.

Instructional videos:

This system is a combination of a tactical and arcade game. You must demonstrate the ability to quickly respond, predict the opponent movements, as well as planning your own actions. The struggle is divided into a round, and at the beginning of each of them you have 10 seconds to choose the right skills and assigning them on action points – no opponent will be waiting patiently until you think about;)


In the fight, each action costs action points, whose basic you have at disposal 12. Points can be separated into the attack and various defense zones. After passing these 10 seconds, the characters perform their movements and the round is coming to an end.

In the more action points you distribute between attacks or defenses, the greater the chance of success, but not on the amount of damage. In the next round, if necessary, you can modify your tactics (you still have 12 shares points).


Thanks to the defense, you have a chance to avoid attacks targeted in your website. We distinguish three defense zones:

  • even,
  • distance,
  • Mental (charms).

You can assign a maximum of 5 shares in a given defense zone (remember that in total, you have 12 – both on the attack and defense). Of course, since the type of opponent and your sense, it depends on whether more threat constitute its distance attacks, charms or even.


You can set up to 5 attacks on the round. There are five wheels in the fighting panel in which the setting is one attack from the set of its skills (basic or class). Then you need to allocate a certain number of shares (maximum 5 for one attack).

To remove the attack, you must assign him at least 1 point of action. The more points you assign, the greater the chance for the success of the attack (there also depend on the number of points that the opponent dissolved to the defense, his statistics and the level).

The struggle ends when the last member of the team or after the sides of the party. The skill of escape is assigned to any character class, as part of the basic skills kit.

Does Broken RANKS have PVP? Yes, but it is optional and designated only for special places.

For more details about the fighting system, please visit here .