Circuit Superstars im Test: Sim

Snuffing would be the word with which the appearance of Circuit superstars could be described best. But you do not let dazzle! Behind the classic, retroinspirierten top-down perspective and the toy car look, a very delicate Racer hides.

In March 2021 the project started Realistic physics arcade ANZUS in Early Access on Steam. Together with the first players fiddled the developers at Original Fire Games improvements, tweaking and content.

On October 12, 2022 virtual racing stage was then ready for full release on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S. PlayStation players can also look forward – with the January 27, 2022 is the release imminent. The Nintendo shop will receive its switch version in the second quarter 2,022nd

Motorsport Spirit from then until now

Although it may not seem at first glance, Circuit superstars wearing clear racing DNA code. Vehicles from various motorsport disciplines waiting on lines of charming miniature world to be moved.

Whether Rally cross, touring cars, Formula classes, prototypes, classics or Trucks – the spectrum of the Racers is diverse. Differences in the characteristics of the vehicles set off on the track immediately noticeable.

Whether single-seater racing, trucks, rally or classic – Circuit superstar has the right car for every1. Original Fire Games

During the race truck during braking pushes enormous, the muscle car has an extremely loose on the rear axle. However, GT cars can be agile control cars formula seem to stick to the ground during current – provided you stay on the asphalt.

Circuit Superstars is an incredibly precise and authentic driving behavior that is easy to learn at first. However, a lot of time eating to seek perfection in the round.

Only the correct pit stop strategy results in long race to victory. Original Fire Games

The kept short and liquid-designed routes come to meet the learning factor. Once caught in the spiral in search of the perfect lap, racing fans do not set the controller as fast sideways.

Appropriate tire and fuel management, damage model, penalties for violations of rules and the correct pit stop strategy let the Spielzeugparadies to a Sim-Racing experience of a different kind mutate. As in the real-looking models also lead in Circuit superstars precision, consistency and strategic timing to victory.

Headless AI?

Can be moved into different classes Championships on five difficulty levels against the AI. The entry is likely to be unusually challenging for the inexperienced amongst you at the lowest level yet. The symbiosis of arcade look and crisp authentic vehicle physics needs a little acclimatization.

The driving behavior of the AI ​​is expandable. Some counterparty drive like the fabled pearls on the chain. Action-packed wheel-to-wheel duels make your teeth grind. To have a lot of space to the opponents, it seems a good idea. However, a revised AI is already on the list of developers.

Little space – the AI ​​defended their line. Original Fire Games

The scope of the Racers to free events in which you played street against the AI ​​or friends (couch co-op or online) on home-built events and championships join. In Time Trial mode you can check out at weekly events for the best times within the online community on selected routes argue.

Defeat the stars of the real racetracks in Circuit Superstars

A highlight is clearly known from Top Gear Test Track. For release within a Promo events have set times when well-known racing driver and Sim racers like Formula 1 drivers Land Norris, IndyCar driver Romain Grosbeak and Sim-Racer Jimmy Broad bent who can surpass her. A wonderful feeling when your Gamertag suddenly in front of Norris turns up the leaderboard.


The Top Gear Test Track – hard to master, but with a waving leaderboard space between the stars of the scene, a rewarding challenge. Original Fire Games

Center of the racers is the online mode where you pit yourself against arms from around the world can. Depending on the driver level you will put together here with the right pilot. In the test, there were a few times to long waiting times or poor occupied lobbies.

Therefore, Original Fire Games are already working on Cross Play with the appearing PlayStation version, so that the whole Circuit Superstars community can be merged. Who online seriously looking for suitable opponents should look outside the game. At present, form up on known Sim Racing platforms small leagues with different requirements, regularities and preferences.


Circuit superstars bring wind into the retracted sim-racing landscape. The charming look breaks not only with conventional conventions, but carries a plenty of motorsport atmosphere into the living room. The attention to detail in the design of the routes, vehicles and environments is outstanding.

The physical models of the vehicles convey driving pleasure. An entry into it succeeds with something must be quite easy, even if beginners have to expect a high degree of difficulty.

Another beating argument: the price. The game costs just under 20 euros and offers a scope, such as Triple A title.

The perfection requires dedication and enormous grinding as in real racing life. However, that prepares so much pleasure that the time it used seems well invested. Because thanks to the precision of the game, each of your improvement is rewarded by faster lap times: Whoever drives better is faster.

Even after the release, the developers work on improvements and add regular new racing poles and courses. So you can at least assume that Circuit Superstars is kept exciting over a long time with fresh content.