League of Legends

LOL: The set of electrical champions that could become viable in competitive

The Season 12 of League of Legends has not come alone, since it has brought with it a new and brand new champion: Zeri. The spark of Zaun has come to the lounge crack to stay with a very varied skill kit and with an element as a great protagonist: electricity . But she she is not the only champion with this particularity , since she is a recurring power in many of the characters that have been seen throughout the history of Riot Games. That is why we wanted to make a team that turns out to be very viable in order to play together and that could even be seen at some point during the competitive one.

Since the wording we have investigated and tested several synergies that could work better with electricity as a protagonist, and thanks to a RedDit user. We discovered that this composition is the most appropriate to be able to burst the departure:

  • Top: Kennen \ – El Yordle Electric is one of the champions more in the form of the upper lane and is perfect to be able to burst and collapse different games that seem locked thanks especially to its definitive
  • Jungle: Volibear \ – One of the great characters in the Runaterra Lore has always been a good option to be able to collapse different diveos in some of the lanes
  • MID: Xerath \ -Although he does not seem like, one of the legends of Shurima has caused enough anger in many of the players due to the enormous reach of him, so he is perfect to continue giving disgusting to Long the crack

ADC: Zeri \ – The new champion was the lacking gear in order to complete this equipment and thanks to it, you can form a team of the most electrifier
Support: blitzcrank \ – The Gólem created by Viktor will always be one of the most beloved characters and at the same time hated the crack, but the wording can not stop loving the robot