Aesthetic Horror Novel “Fatamor Ghana Hall” shines 2021 Metacritics Best Nintendo Switch Games. Be relieved

Domestic game developers of Canada Kara Mr. January 14, novel game Fatah mole Ghana’s mansion -DREAMS OF THE REMNANTS EDITION — was conveyed in the popular own Twitter account. The same work is Metacritic and shines in the vest 1st game for Nintendo Switch in 2021.

Fatamorgana-DREAMS OF THE REMNANTS EDITION- is a domestic horror novel game for Nintendo Switch released last year in March 2021. Developer is domestic studio Spectacle (Spectacle). The basis of this work is the work Fata morgana Hall for PCs released in 2012. The same work collects fans after release, and IOS (currently out of delivery) and development for the console. Garden works Fata morgana’s Hall-NOTHER EPISODES-, cartoon / novel / Media mix to drama CDs and other media mix, and still boasts a strong popularity.

It seems to have been a while for the release of the PC version, but this work seems to have led to the Latch by the release of the Nintendo Switch version. Review summary site The top of the Best Switch Games of 2021 The Best Switch Games of 2021 has appeared Matador Ghana-DREAMS OF THE REMNANTS EDITION-. This ranked the Nintendo Switch works from 2021, ranked in metascore ordered by accumulation of Media Review and gained the top. In addition, the division is 2nd place Tetris Effect: Connected ranked 3rd place Super Mario 3D World + Fury World and has become a leading place to hold popular work. By the way, this work has gained the second Metascore of the 2021 release work even if all platforms are combined.

However, the main worker review aggregated at the same site is relatively less than 10 cases. As an example, more than 100 media reviews have been aggregated in a large work such as Ratchet & Crank His Parallel Trouble. In other words, I would like to keep in mind that there are few samples compared to large works. On the other hand, DIACRITIC in this work has also been received 604 general user rating, and the user score is expensive to 8.4 points out of 10 points. Even if the metal core is removed, it can be said that a certain evaluation is obtained. Also, this work has a PC version of Steam. The rating from that user is also high, and in STEAM user reviews, 96% of the article writing is now a favorable overwhelming popular status in the current 2036 reviews.

So what is it so much? Critic and user review, first, there are many voices to evaluate the novel game nuclear stories. As an example, Overseas Media Nintendo Life Kate Gray pointed out that the story of this work is slow and the pace slowly. He also has few options, and it is necessary to play in consideration of that point. On the other hand, he appreciated the fantastic story with the theme of love and loss and praised as one of the best visual novels. In addition, it seems that high quality sound design and quality and precise visuals with vineyard of illustrator are also well-received by multiple criticisms. If you like, I’m also one of the players of this work. The story that shakes the emotions of the player is strongly impressed by the player’s emotions that show rapid expansion beyond the times. This honor will result in such stories that resonate the critics and players across the border. I would like to send a compliment to everyone who worked with the scenario / direction of this work.

Fatamorghana-DREAMS OF THE REMNANTS EDITION- is on sale for Nintendo Switch / PlayStation 4. The original version of Fata morgana Hall is being delivered for PC (steam / gg.com/dlsite).