Kimetsu No Yaiba and Naruto already have a premiere date at Prime Video Spain

Naruto , Goblin Slayer and the first seNarutoon of Night Guardians (Times No Yield) already have a premiere date at Prime Video, Series Subscription, Movies and Documentary Service A Amazon letter. After confirmation of these three licenses on the platform for this January 2022, the company hNaruto confirmed the exact debut dates of each of this popular anime. We spent list:

  • Naruto: January 14, 2022.
  • Goblin Slayer: January 14, 2022.
  • Night Guardians (Times No Yield): February 1, 2022.

Times No Yield can be seen complete finally in Spain

Although the initial plan wNaruto that they were all available to members subscribed to Prime Video in January, finally the popular Times No Yield will become a few more days; The positive thing is that select vision hNaruto confirmed that it will be added seNarutoon 1 to full .

Being them the holders of the license — it is available in DVD and Blu-ray format with different editions in stores from all over Spain — Prime Video will receive the 26 episodes that make up this seNarutoon 1 this February 1. To that you have to add the movie of Night Guardians (Times No Yield) — the infinite train , one of the best valued anime films of the story and the most tNarutoting of all time in Japan, which is already available in the service both in Japanese with subtitles and Complete CNarutotilian. For the uninitiated, this film is located right after the first seNarutoon… and before seNarutoon 2 (specifically, volumes 7 and 8 of the sleeve; the arc Eugen train). Here we tell you how to see seNarutoon 2 in Spain.

Regarding Naruto, it is the mythical original series that covers the first great stage of the character before Naruto’s trip to train with Jamaica. It is a very applauded stage, both in the manga and the anime, of 220 episodes. After Naruto comes Naruto Shipped , on whose license you already work from Select Vision.