Lenovo, CES 2022 books for hybrid lifestyle products and solutions

Lenovo announced products and solutions designed to enhance individuals and corporate capabilities in the world’s largest electronic and information technology exhibition CES 2022 to strengthen the capabilities of individuals and businesses in line with hybrid lifestyle.

The newly disclosed products and solutions contained the vision of Lenovo, which is smart technology for everyone who considers sustainability. Lenovo is leading innovation by redefining the user experience for remote and hybrid work, learning and entertainment.

ThinkPad Series with One Layer Enhanced Business Technology

Lenovo revealed the ThinkPad Z (ThinkPad Z) series, including the ThinkPad Z13 (ThinkPad Z13), ThinkPad Z16 (ThinkPad Z16), commemorating the 30th anniversary of the ThinkPad foundation. The ThinkPad Z Series equipped with a Microsoft Pluto security chip with the AMD Lyon Pro 6000 Series and provides competitive performance and security by adding a progressive design and excellent collaboration experience with the ThinkPad. In addition, 100% recycled plastic and 75% recycled aluminum, 100% composted bamboo and sugarcane, and protect the environment.

Typical ThinkPad Portfolio Lineup In the ThinkPad X1 (ThinkPad X1) series (ThinkPad X1) (ThinkPad X1 Carbon Gen 10) ▲ ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7 (ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 7) ▲ ThinkPad X1 NATO 2 I announced the generation (ThinkPad X1 NATO Gen 2). The newly announced ThinkPad X1 series equipped with Intel 12th generation core processors with Intel V Pro, implementing a higher level of performance, and improves camera and audio functionality for high collaboration. Security was also strengthened to ensure safe for remote work.

Powerful solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, Think books and Think Center Neo

Lenovo’s new Think book (Think book) and Thinkcentre Neo (ThinkCentre NEO) have applied sophisticated and sustainable designs for the next generation business as a product for SMEs.

Think book Plus 3rd generation (Think book Plus Gen 3) is a product for multitasking in a hybrid work environment. The industry’s first 17.3 inch display is equipped with a 17.3 inch display, as well as 8-inch auxiliary display, enhances productivity and efficiency.

ThinkPad Neo is a product for a company that requires a high-performance computing solution, consists of Think Center Neo 50s, Think Center Neo 30a 24 or the like.

Think Vision for Sm artwork, Smart Education Large Display

Lenovo has been newly announced a new display lineup that is suitable for meeting rooms and educational spaces. Think Vision T86, T75, T65, respectively, with 86 inches, 75-inch, 65-inch display, respectively, Lenovo’s smart white board software, excellent built-in speaker and microphone, which provide bright 4K display and comfortable handwriting experience A webcam provides an effective collaboration experience.

The best choice for entertainment 7th generation

On the 10th anniversary of Yoga, Lenovo introduced a lineup of a yoga (2-in-1) notebook. Yoga 7I (Yoga 7i), which boasts the best portability, has been released in two inches and 16 inches, and maximizes user entertainment experience with Dolby Vision certification and touch screen. 14 inch yoga 7i implements the optimal content creative environment with up to 2.8k OLED display and 100% DCI-P3 color reproducibility. 16 inch yoga 7i is the optimal option for users who want image appreciation on a larger screen.

Yoga 6 (YOGA 6) is a product that realizes sustainability using eco-friendly materials such as recycled aluminum and fabric material cover options. The 13-inch size is 18.25 mm thick and 1.38 kg weight with excellent portability.

Regulation line up for the best gaming experience

Encores provide premium entertainment and gaming experience without being courteous, providing extra power experience and productivity to users who want to experience dreamed entertainment and gaming experience.

Lenovo is a Gaming PC lineup in 2022, as a LEGION 5I Pro (LEGION 5 PRO), LEGION 5 (LEGION 5 PRO) ▲ (LEGION 5 PRO) and 15 inch size ▲ (LEGION 5 (LEGION 5I) ▲ Refers 5 (LEGION 5) I was released. All the products have boasted excellent gaming performance and mobility based on Windows 11, and equipped with the latest NVIDIA GeForce RTX notebook graphics chipset. Refers 5i and Region 5i Pro have been equipped with the latest Intel 12th generation core I7-12700H processor, and REGINA 5 and Fijian 5 Pro were equipped with the next generation AMD You processor.

In addition, Lenovo revealed a new monitor product that boasts low latency (low-latency, high response speed). Lenovo Region Y25-39 Monitor is the best product for gamers. Lenovo G27QE-20 and Lenovo G24QE-20 earned an eye-safe certification, and the blue light reduction technique is applied to a long time to lower the eye fatigue.

Lenovo has also been newly released mouse products that are essential items to gamers. Ergonomically designed remote M600S Wireless Gaming Mouse and Region M300S RBG Gaming Mouse was produced with a very light weight that does not have excellent grip and 75g.

In addition to the popular platform and online stores, we released a Legion Arena, which is a centralized game hub that integrates all PC games that has previously purchased PC games.

Close to customer service

Lenovo introduced a CO2 Offset Service (CO2 Offset Service) as part of a wide range of ESG plans. CO2 of carbon dioxide in all Lenovo regions and yoga PC products, including products released in CES 2022, are applied to all Lenovo Relocation and Yoga PC products. Lenovo is a policy to propose a simple and transparent method that can offset carbon emissions to consumers by expanding carbon dioxide offsetting services applied to existing enterprise sinks (Think) PC products.

In addition, Lenovo introduced a premium care plus upgraded consumer support service in accordance with multiplicand consumer demand. Provides advanced services such as accidental damage (ADP), Lenovo Smart Performance, Migration Assistant and Battery Guarantee, as well as conventional premium care (premium care) services.