[News] The definition is upgraded by upgrading! Maple Story Destini Live Talk

1 was conducted emitter Destiny Tapestry Live Talk 18 pm August 05. Seongseungheon caster is responsible for progress ganging whole live broadcast participated the director and gimchangseop Planning Team talked about several factors to dwaeteumyeo conducted over a period of about three hours, and describes the winter update not covered in the past showcase intended to improve since the.

Special Compensation (1 paid by the operator of the 7th NPC Metro): Elixir x1, leap choice of the growth of extreme growth x1, select the symbol voucher x1, Melody coin x1,000, Elixir of Growth Extreme x10, mannequins x1, Beauty Awards Hair coupon x1, Beauty Awards molding coupon x1, x1 experienced core Gemstone

adventurers remastered and balance patch
More TB burning payment (three times), and then remaster the Cygnus Knights

One. The reason for the delay in updating the adventurer remastered

Meanwhile, the core content of the winter / summer season (new job, etc.) has been conducted in the secondary patches. But also because the development resources of a great adventurer, remastered, determine the part to new content and schedule took a second patch. Adventurer remastered seems He did not have many people convinced about the part where improvements apply index center, introduced late. The obvious misjudgment I would like to say that I’m sorry.

1, and will be updated on January 27, it will be rewarded with content that meets the expectations of many people.

  1. About the update timing of Terra burning and adventurers did not fit remastered

I think he started terra-burning and adventurers remastered update is fitted with denounce apply. Therefore, I will pay the adventurers during remastered patching, adding Terra burning booster to all users.

As well as additional payments Terra burning, it will additionally prepare a rich event such as stucco St. item reward.

  1. For the purposes of adventurers remastered

I thought that, before the new content, including a new job to solve the problems of those who suffer the people who are enjoying the game. That started an adventurer remaster these improvements and modifications will continue to continue.

  1. Next remastered target?

currently underway to remaster of the Cygnus Knights occupations.

  1. Relevance of information and improvement of adventurers remastered to improve other professional

in this remastered adventurers, teleportation has been improved in the wizard occupations. This improvement is due not only to be applied to other occupations adventurers Wizard job. If you have a structure similar to the skill of such form that does not correspond to any job they remaster is reflected improvements.

  1. Other adventurers, the issue of occupational groups with different structural problems

-Job problems in the structural parts are scheduled to continue even if it is not corrected nominal named remastered, frequently refreshed. Adventurer remaster is expected to be more rapid improvement then.

  1. For the reference patches of the balance

think hunting experience, the boss of experience, there are three important elements of utility skills. Of course, you can not overlook the numerical part, the balance patch thinks it is important to provide a unique experience in these three areas.

hunting experience to reflect the data, including such figures as per hunting marital recent average per marital character of the patch is underway.

And patches based on the data of solo and party play clear time when the contribution of the boss — the boss of experience .

utility experience Utility Skills are the means to reveal the characteristics of good character. But bind me to the stance, if there are utility skills such as jumping above so uncomfortable, but now it seems difficult to see them as professional features. These parts will be leveled.

※ The skill list referred to changes in the utility part of experience
Toulon The Nova Cooldown reduced, range of skills Tuesday, by changing to immediately activate the skill will be leveled.
Stance (will be reviewed for changes in skills linked Mikhail) considering the basic passive anger
Top jump common will bow in line with the current hunting terrain.
Guy Hooded Arrowhead change to the on-off skills in the buff skills.

  1. The balance of the directional patch upward leveling

This update is focused as not to aggravate the play experience of the user. Rebalance of Destiny patches that fill the lack with up-leveling goal, or will enhance the strength.

If the balance of the over-large extent impair the balance between the difficulty of the content, but some may consider a slightly downward, it should not change, such as the release of an existing, will not.

  1. For the improvement and orientation for occupations with a structural defect

a professional feature seems to require a worry for a good fit in the current meta. Ten thousand and one professional features do not fit well with the current metadata, such as the improvement of structural reform to the big adventurers remastered Viper is required.

Job balancing the need seems to be divided into the profession can expect big improvements with just minor restructuring and job required level remastered big improvement.

※ The job list referred to changes in occupational structure defective part

Soul Master: referred to remaster job grade patch is required. The fighting style of the jump is not forced to fit well with the current meter. The Ecological big changes necessary for a systematic mechanism.

Night Walker: referred to remaster job grade patch is required. Main must hunt while jumping high efficiency, which leads to high fatigue hunting does not fit well with the trend now. Yes to delete the jump itself is also a good way to think about is not, there is a need for structural distress.

Battle Mage: needs improvement, referred to as a simple job. If the rebuff is modified not just disappear, it is expected to improve the play experience.

Striker: the longer the delay associated professional skills being linked is a difficult situation. This is expected to be mitigated by additional force will cancel the skill line input, skill delay adjustment. Though it may be necessary, but the job itself remastered, these improvements are expected to improve the play experience if previously applied.

  1. Professionals to use special methods stats for Xenon, solve the problem of the daemon Avenger

-Xenon, Damon Avenger using the HP as the main stat to use all the different stat is a stat current symbol rising benefits and conditions to see the damages, etc. Order system. Add all the symbols in the status increase efficiency and order, and add a phosphine, such as star-conversion function to improve nagged in a direction for correcting ability.

It will be written about the nerves HP Option missing items for the event.

  1. Applying a constant balance patch

test server is to be applied on 18 January. There will be a live server patch with the January 27 remastered adventurers.

  1. For each occupation details Balance Patch

Today in this place seems to be difficult design said improvements in all professions. Based on the feedback from the Adventurer after remastered updated, will also reflect the feedback received parts that can be reflected in other professions.

In addition, also with regard to the balance patch I’ll explain using the comment background and intent of the patches in the patch notes. Nevertheless, it may be part of a generation that missed, ask a lot of feedback taps.

Enhance the overall quality will be quickly deployed rate

One. The future direction of storage improvements

I am sorry can not come out, the speed of the user bundeulkkeseo as expected. There was an internal preparation, including staffing, will be the first adventurer remaster is the beginning of improvement. After that improvements are expected to be ready quickly.

I think the most important thing is the speed and direction of the developing story in improvements. Black Wizard was developed after the story ended the story is somewhat slower, but now I will lift vertically stacked quickly as you increase the storage horizontally.

  1. Probable problems of the story (Can things stand, etc.)

I think it is also important complement in the completeness of parts. Typical including Can things stand ‘, jyeotneunde the total probable and convincing story of the fall is expected to continue to improve this part convincingly.

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And areas for improvement is also a part of this event creates poor, nagged to improve the quality improved. As well as Sugar, nagged also complements relationships of the major NPC, such as ‘Rondo’.

  1. Boss appeared on Carlos

it was hidden element to the expectations. Carlos is Davos damaging a profound impact on the main scenario. And it will be a variety of multi-conductor, and a boss Carlos in the introduction to every scenario begins.

  1. For a high-level view of the region Stories challenges

Maple Story is a game that game, level up and many factors related to non-woven, starting at the highest level. Therefore, it is necessary to compensate for the level of growth, and it is this context that the story is lifted.

Many users For Glory / Black Wizard Event speaking, narrative than, but of a type to focus on the current situation, now is because the process that is in progress is character development and story are linked seems that the current situation is a good fit.

  1. Story Replay System Introduction

plans to apply the system to see the various ways that are easily dispersed story again. Without such action in the fight, I’ll add a mode to comfortably enjoy the story.

bosses and equipment
Only updates ether NER three sets. Seats are expected to be determined based on reciprocal adjustment completion

One. Background of the top bosses updates

it added to present the final goal of Maple Story. Since then the goal of the elect Serendipity is a clear need to add Boss. Low rates now clear of the chosen Serendipity’s true and decided to add Carlos tie Updating the top-level content on the user to enter a lot of status will be reduced by seasonally.

  1. Ether Nell equipment will add 10,003 sites

it seems did not receive a detailed explanation from the last showcase. Top, or bottom cap was used to service the equipment Ruth 9 years, there has been a problem in terms of growth experienced using for a long time. It deems necessary to add new equipment, ether Nell equipment was planned to 7 parts worthy of the new equipment in the Gran display area. To preserve the value of existing equipment, it was also set up and hold the equipment acquisition period.

But this is only part of the change will only be able to get on, under and hats determined that the device is not enough to preserve the value of existing equipment, first new boss Carlos. The remaining portion will drop the boss to be added later.

Ether Nell equipment does not drop into the finished product can get together the pieces. Depending on the different parts changed, this time to obtain the ether Nell equipment is expected to be slightly reduced than six months before the public.

  1. For a guardian angel ring set Change

the obvious misjudgment about the Set change, knocks the words of apology. Boss ornaments, but I think you can easily equip as many sites, seems to have occurred when the equipment is one fall too easily think that the negative effects. After that I’ll Give us reflect on the problem area.

  1. About the difficulty of the boss segment

it has added a new difficulty in large part based on the number of times just before the raid against boss monsters’ reduction, duration gap.

  1. Time of the decision effectiveness and drop / rise of three patches is stopped?

was introduced to provide rewards worthy of the boss difficulty, there is a method to adjust supply and demand, and the intended direction. Reboot seats decided price adjustments have also been introduced for the same purpose.

And visiting a fair price in proportion to the difficulty of determining seats, seats will be determined less decline in prices of Chaos bis rue. It is expected to stop falling into the first quarter. This and is subject to change depending on the tendency of users to play, hoop bosses crystal seat rise is also expected to be stabilized in the first half.

  1. Les Helen to strengthen regional arcane symbols significantly reduce costs

and what it is arcane symbols that enhance the cost is a problem. Determined index situation further burdens coupled with seats prices, will significantly reduce the journey of destruction, Cauchy Island, Les strengthening symbol of Helen local costs according to the updated first 27 days.

The reason for reduced rail to Helen area’s many events geared to grow up to 220 levels, due to expected improvements in this area to help assist the settlement of novice users. For gang hoe cost reduction of more than Arcane area, we will review the introduction and then check the data.

Learn / new veterans’ compensation
Learn to improve the hunting field, delete Mastery Book

One. Learn about the restructuring

make a teleport using cached item dependent, has improved to make it easier to find hunting grounds. In addition, Quest also experience clear increase was much easier in the early development. It seems during not show you this part in detail.

  1. Learn about the hunting field of the Selection Criteria

-Field selection was arranged based on the frequency of use of the user. But such are the hunting grounds right next to the town assignments, seems careless and did a good part of the problem. The next part is going to improve ease aspect to move the update. Now if you have been added to the hunting should be added as well, it will be reflected immediately after.

Even novice users as long as the goal is to enable follow tutorial, but you can easily level, ask a lot of feedback taps.

  1. It will increase the default value / maximum levels for the lack of slots solving

I think that this part also requires improvement. Increase a little more skin damage slot, it will also be expanded up to the slot and the base of the storage slot.

  1. Mastery book to be deleted

\ Many novice users are feeling the burden, the improvement is also needed so as vocational bias. Mastery North is preparing to improve to delete direction.

  1. Growing support for new users

many users may feel difficulty in union character development. Mega provides a constant burning system than the event would help the union to develop a character. It will consider the available routes, including such daily gift reward.

Special Sunday details disclosed that proceeds by way Sugar Time

One. About Stellar path introduction of compensation for burning World

-Old Yen was able to play through the burning World to obtain compensation event twice, was changed to get the route to Composted path. Winter events are to be conducted fairly long breath, the conventional method is thought to be a lot of pressure, consumes maple points you can get in-game thought to be helpful to change the way of obtaining additional compensation.

But it acts as a part of the user to prevent the selection of, and result in false positives. An obvious mistake and I want to convey the words of apology.

  1. Progress Beauty Awards Event Schedule

Beauty Awards are haeteotneunde progress every year in winter, the year did not proceed due to multiple events, such as contests. The Beauty Awards is scheduled to meet the advance of the April 19 anniversary.

  1. Sunday Special Event details released

just hid a surprise to expect the same effect as a gift, but released the name it may seem that our intention was not delivered well. Special Sunday events will take place in the form below.

※ public Miracle-time special event details

Miracle Time:
Cube ratings Chance

Petite Pet Time:
Basic compensation sherbet (Term Magnet Pet) / Melody Coin 800
Sugar-time win compensation — Magnets Pet

Shining Star Force Time:
5-star, 10 star, 15-star success confirmed strengthening Star Force strengthened costs 30% discount

Lady Blair Cody Time:
Basic compensation (including ability) Cauchy Ireland sets / 800 melody coin dog
Sugar-time win rewards — Old Master Label items

Hair blade load time:
Basic compensation dye custom mix coupons / Melody Coin 800
Sugar-time win rewards — Old Master Label Hair Coupons

usability improvements and other matters
Character Strengthen, modernize, fight patterns, growing experience, skill enhancement

One. About Nixon NAU Improvement and Scheduled Update Schedule

It is the beginning of the service, and it seemed that it did not reach the expectation of the users. It is scheduled to continue to improve, and the page that can identify items used by the actual user is likely to be able to provide it in the upper half. Maple hands are being developed to be inquiry through hands.

  1. Add Boss Matching System

Beyond simple matching, the clearing system is being prepared to prepare a smart matching system with high clear probability or is currently delayed. Prior to the introduction of smart matching, the user who can confirm the specification (such as More) (such as Hurling, etc.) will introduce a bulletin matching system. It is currently being developed and is expected to be updated during the first half.

  1. Two hand weapons motion will be first to improve first

Two hand weapon motion improvement was considered a fairly large work considering the overall design improvement. Prior to the fundamental task, we will first correct it so that they do not cover the character face in place.

  1. Cool time check function will provide various options

The problem with the cool time check function is to provide several options to improve. This section will be reflected in the next update:

It will allow you to select an improved version / old version / numeric size reduction. We will adjust the overall shade, and there is an element that causes inconvenience in use in a short cool time of less than 5 seconds, so I can choose this section through the option.

  1. About Missing Christmas Event

I could not open it because of another event preparation. This section apples and will not cause the same problem again. In the future, I will care about this season event.

  1. About access to accessibility notice

The DDoS attack has been a connection failure and has not been announced on this part. I will apple, and I will try more in the future.

  1. Event Legendary Potential Gender Order for Order Issues

I want to give an apple first. Identification of the wrong item was late. Since then, we will build a system that allows individual mistakes to be verified through the system to prevent these issues from occurring again.

  1. Development Demonstration / Maple Story Blog Open for New Recruitment

it will cover topics such as the development of the spark Maple Story is also hosting new hires. Maple Story blog will open next week.